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Yukimura is a wonderful character that has lots of potential... His name is quite fitting to his character as well. "Yuki" is the kanji for peace or happiness, and "mura" means village. I think this reflects the serenity of his nature very well.

The more interesting part about his name is the fact that it stems from the historic Japanese war hero, Sanada Yukimura. A brilliant tactician and expert in the art of war, he almost led a successful campaign against the then-shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. He is ultimately betrayed and meets a tragic end. I think it's interesting indeed, that the powerhouse tennis team Rikkaidai's Captain (Yukimura) and Vice Captain (Sanada) are named after this true life hero.

"Sei" means soul or life force. This of course, speaks to Yukimura's passionate feelings toward tennis, and his incredible will to overcome his suffering to become greater than he is. Ichi is a common ending for a boy's name.

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Friday, July 29, 2005

* Yugioh GX 43 *

Yuigoh GX Ep 43: Asuka's Second Love Chance?


O__o First post in what feels like forever.

Sorry to have neglected this blog for a long while. But thanks for stopping by to check every so often, and I'm sort of back now to hopefully clear out at least some of my backlog. Since I'm so behind now, I don't really think I'll cover everything I missed, since as I understand it, there are other places where summaries are available. I'm going to start with the latest episode and work my way back. Not sure how far back yet.

Episode 43 was really cute! We get to see Asuka at her finest (though I still think there's something rather lacking about her deck...), and Judai is clueless as usual. I really liked the new character they introduced, "Boy." Although I get the feeling he's one of those one episode-only characters we'll probably not see ever again. Overall, a fun little episode!


The story opens onboard a luxury cruise ship with a casino. A young man is seen playing poker with a older rich looking guy. The rich guy reveals his cards: a straight flush. He's confident he's won this one, but the younger guy reveals his cards: a royal straight flush.

Later on the deck, the older guy joins the young guy, calling him "Boy." He says there are probably few people who could compete against him in cards. Then he points to the island where Duel Academia is located as they pass by it on the ship, and explains to him the story of the 7 Stars, and how 7 selected duelists are battling against them to protect the 3 Legendary Demon cards. And never one to be left out of a card match, Boy jumps ship aboard a little jet ski boat and heads off to Duel Academia.

Meanwhile at the cliff's edge, Asuka approaches and brooding Judai, who says that Daitokuji must have left the island, since they haven't been able to find him after all this searching. Asuka wants to ask him questions, as to why he sent her brother off to the shadow games.

Boy has arrived on the island, and has found his way to the principal's office. He's arguing with Sameshima and Chronos, insisting that he should be one of the duelists chosen to fight against the 7 stars. Sameshima tries to play it off like he's ever heard of it, but Boy doesn't believe him. He says he'll stay in this office until they agree to let him duel. Chronos sends in his little band of enforcers to throw the guy out, but he tosses cards in their direction. The cards are apparently the same variety as the ones that Kaiba has, that can embed themselves into the backs of people's hands. *smirks* Some of the cards slash through Chronos's clothes. O__o

Asuka and Judai arrive in front of the office, where a small crowd has gathered. They say that someone's in there arguing with the principal, and she takes a peek, and apparently recognizes the Boy. She marches in and challenges him to a duel. She calls him Mitsuo-kun, and says that if he wins, she'll let him take her key and duel in her place. But if she wins, she gets to take the important thing he has away from him. He agrees. Sameshima and company have no idea what's going on...

* Duel *

Boy: He tucks in the red scarf he has in his shirt pocket, and Asuka glares at him... (the meaning of the scarf will be later revealed). He summons Gambler Angel Bunny in attack (atk: 1200). Shou is smitten by Bunny. Judai says: "I thought you were all about Black Magician Girl?" Shou replies, "Of..of course!"

Boy sets a m/t card and activates Bunny's special effect: flip a coin, and guess which face it lands on. If correct, inflict 1000 LP damage to opponent. If incorrect, 1000 LP damage to self. He flips and calls it wrong. But he's activated the card on his field, the continuous magic card Second Chance, which lets him flip a coin a second time. He can only activate this effect once per turn. He flips again, gets it correct. (Asuka LP: 3000). He sets a m/t.

Asuka: Summons Cyber Chu Chu in attack (atk: 1000). (I really like this card, for some reason ^__^) She activates her effect: this card can directly attack opponent if all monsters on opponent field have more atk than this card. But Boy activates his trap card Monster Box. He flips a coin, and if he's correct, the attacking opponent monster's atk goes to zero. He gets it incorrect the first time, but activates Second Chance to get it right. Asuka sets one m/t.

Asuka says that Mitsuo-kun hasn't changed at all. He demands that she not call him that. She says he's still the selfish, fake guy she remembers. Shou and Judai talk about it, and say maybe there is an aspect of fakeness in him that's not quite the 'gambler spirit' he claims he is.. since with Second Chance, he's boosting his gambling chances. There's a flashback to their history together. She says they were in 6th grade when he transferred to her school. Back then, he had a face of an angel, and yet she realized he was much more selfish and devious than he appeared. He would play cards with the other kids in class, betting his prized possessions against those of his classmates. And even if he lost, he always had an amble supply to bet. So he would keep betting them until he won, and eventually took away the other kids' prized possessions one by one.

Annoyed by Mitsuo's selfishness, Asuka challenged him to a game of Duel Monsters, betting her prized possession, a red scarf her mother gave her. He kept losing to her and she tells him he'll never win. But he gets angry and snatches the scarf away, saying it'll be his eventually anyways. He transfers away again, taking the scarf with him. Asuka's still angry about it, because it had great sentimental value to her.

Boy says this scarf has been his lucky charm since then, and that when he has it with him, he never loses a gamble.

The duel resumes..

Boy: Pays 500 LP for Monster Box's cost. (Boy LP: 3500). He activates Bunny's effect, and combined with Second Chance, inflicts 1000 LP damage. (Asuka LP: 2000). Summons another Bunny. This time, he doesn't activate her effect. He attacks Cyber Chu Chu with Bunny. Asuka activates trap card Double Passe, taking Bunny's attack to herself (Asuka LP: 800). Chu Chu now attacks Boy directly (Boy LP: 2500). Second Bunny attacks Chu Chu, destroying her (Asuka LP: 600).

Asuka: Sets one m/t. Activates Scape Goat.

Boy: Pays 500 LP cost for Monster Box (Boy LP: 2000). Summons Sand Gambler in attack (atk: 300). Activates his effect: toss a coin 3 times. If it's heads all 3 times, destroy all monsters on opponent field. If it's tails all 3 times, destroy all monster on your own field. With the help of Second Chance, he's able to pull off 3 heads, and destroys all Scape Goats. But Asuka activates the trap card Holy Life Barrier, which lets her discard one card from her hand and negate all LP damage this turn.

Asuka: Activates Warrior Returning Alive to take Chu Chu back from grave to hand. She summons it. Then she activates the instant magic card Prima's Light, which lets her sacrifice Chu Chu to summon Cyber Prima in attack (atk: 2300). She activates her effect: when this card is successfully summoned, destroy all magic card on opponent field. She destroys Second Chance.

She attacks Sand Gambler. Boy activates Monster Box, but without the Second Chance's effect, he misses. Asuka says he can't be a true gambler, because he lacks the confidence of getting it right when he only has once chance (thus, he didn't activate Bunny's effect when he had two of them on his field, because he wouldn't be able to use Second Chance for the second Bunny). Asuka attacks with Prima for the win.

* End Duel *

"Take it with you...my prized possession. The scarf that belonged to the girl I liked. I had really wanted it..." Boy says. "I'll give it back to you. Though now, I won't be able to make all or nothing bets anymore."

Sameshima, Chronos, Shou and Hayato all gush as Boy tosses the scarf to Asuka.

"Mituso-kun!" Asuka says.

"Not Mitsuo! Boy! Though...whichever is alright." He says as he walks away.

Judai is all excited about Asuka's victory. Hayato says, "But it looks there was no second chance at love."

"Eh?" Judai has no idea what he's talking about. And he yells at Boy's retreating back, "Great duel! Next time, duel me!" Boy doesn't look too happy with that prospect. ^___^

Next week: Shadow of the Seventh Person

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Friday, July 22, 2005

* Haven't run away, yet... *

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry I've been rather absent lately. I've been having a very busy summer, and haven't been able to keep with the blog. I really apologize, as I should have at least stopped by here to tell everyone about taking a hiatus, but kept hesitating to come. ^___^;;

I've been keeping up with the recent episodes, and I must say that the story is really getting interesting! Episode 42 was so sweet, I loved it. I'm thinking that after the end of this upcoming week, I might be able to come back here and start working on some more things here.

The question is, I'm not sure how far back I should go. I wonder if everyone has already been getting summaries elsewhere in any case, and wouldn't need any from me, at least of the later episodes? If you have any suggestions, please comment to this post and let me know.

Thanks, and sorry again! I'll drop in again maybe in a week. ^____^

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

* Yugioh GX 33 *

Yugioh GX Ep 33: Shine! Shining Flare Wingman


I am a blogging maniac today! Do you love me or what? ^___^

So I finally got around to watching this episode a few minutes ago. They certainly concluded the angst from last episode rather nicely and swiftly, though I expected to see it linger for a little while longer, perhaps. But then again, when the duel involves Judai and lives at stake, you already know what's got to happen.

Carmulla's actually a sympathetic character, and I felt a bit sorry that she had to go. Hm.

But I was happy to see everyone back and safe! Now, on to next week, where they all go to the hotsprings! XDD (must...contain...Manjoume fangirl inside...)


An ominous cloud hangs over Duel Acadamia, as Sameshima looks out the window from his office. Two keys have already been taken, and the gates are beginning to open. The principal expresses concern over these developments. A sinister shadowy figure materializes on his TV screen to speak to him. The voice says that Sameshima should just give up and hand over the remaining five keys, but the principal adamantly insists that it's not over until the final combo has been played. "It's not my problem then, if everyone falls prey to the vampire...mwa ha ha..." the figure says before disappearing from the screen.

Over at the infirmary, Judai is having a rough time trying to sleep. Asuka watches over him and her brother, and despairs over Ryou. Her brother has finally returned, but now Ryou is the one who has been taken. The pendant around Fubuki's neck begins to glow, and his hand twitches. His eyes flutter open...

At the lake shore, Shou and Hayato are begging Daitokuji to save Ryou, because he's an expert in the shadow game. But Daitokuji insists that teaching and doing are quite different, and he's very reluctant...not to mention frightened out of his wits. Manjoume and Misawa are already waiting by the red carpet.

"Everyone...good for you for seeing off Manjoume Thunder," Manjoume says in a calm voice. Misawa says that logically, he should be the next to duel. But Asuka drives up in a speed boat to stop them. She says that only one person can duel Carmulla - Judai. Judai steps out of the boat, seemingly in better health. There's a flashback to the scene from the infirmary just as Fubuki wakes up. Fubuki had told them that Carmulla is ruthless even among the Seven Stars, and that to defeat her, you must have control over the shadow game. Judai now has Fubuki's half of the pendant as well, and he's prepared to challenge Carmulla.

Asuka says that though they don't understand the shadow games, there is no doubt that they exist. "You are right..." Manjoume says, looking down at the Chronos doll in his pocket. "Yes, true..." the doll squeaks.

They proceed into the castle, and Judai announces his presence. Carmulla is waiting for them. The duel begins...

* DUEL *

Judai: Fusion summons Tempester (atk: 2800) (wow, right from the start! Recall that Tempester is: Bubbleman, Featherman and Sparkman). The kids remark that he's going full speed from the very beginning, and Daitokuji nods, saying Judai plans to crush her before that killer card is played. Judai sets one m/t.

Carmulla: Activates Gate of Illusions. She tries to use all the souls of the peanut gallery as sacrifices to the card, and a dark cloud sweeps over them. She's quite certain that Judai couldn't choose their souls to be lost over winning. But Judai's pendant clasps together, forming one piece. A piercing light shines from it, and it drives out the dark cloud, negating the shadowy effects of Carmulla's shadow item (her choker). So she must sacrifice her own soul to the card (if she loses the duel), because the card is already in play. She destroys Tempester and then regains control over it, summoning it to her field. She summons Werewolf (atk: 1200) and attacks directly with Tempester. (Judai LP: 1200). The kids realize that if Werewolf's attack goes through, Judai's done for.

"He rushed the duel and made a mistake!" Manjoume says.

Judai activates trap card Cross Heart, which can be activated when he receives battle damage from his opponent. It allows him to gain control of the attacking monster. Tempester returns to his field.

"Hmph...that Judai has managed to survive it," Manjoume remarks, impressed.

"Seem so," Chronos doll squeaks.

Judai: Attacks and destroys Werewolf with Tempester. (Carmulla LP: 2400). She activates Werewolf's effect and special summons another Werewolf from her deck at +500 atk for a total of 1700. He sets one m/t.

"LP are at 1200 and 2400...the outcome has become uncertain," Daitokuji says. Shou looks back at him with a confused look, saying that it appears that he (Daitokuji) is enjoying himself too much. "Eh?? That's not true!" he says.

Carmulla: Activates Pot of Greed. She says that Judai hasn't experienced the true dangerousness of vampires: their immortality. She sacrifices Werewolf to summon Vampire Lord. She removes him from the game to special summon Vampire Genesis (atk: 3000). (Geez, doesn't she have any other moves? And how is this combo possible duel after duel? *rolls eyes*) She activates continuous magic Genesis Crisis, which lets her bring one undead monster from deck to hand once per turn. She takes this monster card and discard to grave to activate Genesis's effect: discard one undead monster from deck to grave in order to special summon one lower level monster of same subtype from grave. She special summons Werewolf. She activates Hurricane so all m/t on field return to players' hands (to stop Tempester's effect of escaping destruction by sacrificing one card from field).

They are all surprised that she seems to know so much about everyone's decks, and she tells them that her bats have reported everything to her. "Don't say I'm cruel...the battle has begun even before the duel," she laughs.

She attacks and destroys Tempester with Genesis, then attacks directly with Werewolf. This should've been the end for Judai, but the trap card that returned to his hand can be activated when it returns to the player's hand. This card (Insurance) raises the player's LP by 500 upon activation. (Judai LP: 300).

She activates Genesis Crisis one more time and ends.

Judai tells Carmulla that she's strong enough, and shouldn't have to rely on the shadow powers to duel. But she says dueling has no meaning for her. There's a flashback to medival times, when vampires still existed. She says that humans hated her kind, and hunted them down and killed them off. She despaired, and went into an eternal slumber. But one day, a shadowy figure appeared to her, and told her that she could use the power of the shadow game to bring back her brethren.

She says that each doll she collects brings her closer to reviving her loved ones. Thus, defeat is not an option, and she will use any means necessary to win. And that once vampires have revived, they will exact revenge upon humankind. Judai realizes that there is much more at stake here than he imagined. But he says he cannot lose, either, for there is much on the line for his friends as well.

Judai: Activates Pot of Greed. Activates Dark Assembly Line, which lets him bring two normal monsters from his grave to his hand. He chooses Featherman and Sparkman. Activates field magic Fusion Gate. Fusion summons Flame Wingman, then does an additional fusion with Flame Wingman and Sparkman to summon Shining Flare Wingman (atl: 2500).

Carmulla is shocked, because she doesn't remember seeing this card before. Judai says that he put it in his deck as a spur of the moment thing, because he thought it was fitting to use a shining monster to fight a shadow game.

Shining Flare Wingman's effect boosts his atk by 300 for every E-Hero in the grave. There's two (Tempester and Bubbleman), bringing him to 3100. Judai declares that dark monsters - vampires - become ash with the morning light. "Go! Shine upon them with the ultimate light! Shining Shoot!" He attacks and destroys Genesis, destroying Werewolf in the process because of Genesis Crisis's effect. Shining Flare Wingman has the same effect as Flame Wingman - inflict LP damage equal to the atk of monsters it destroys. Carmulla is toast.

* End Duel *

The Gate rises up behind her, and opens. A clawed hand reaches out and grabs her by the neck, pulling out her soul and dragging it into its door, screaming. Carmulla's empty shell of a body shudders and turns to dust, as the Ryou doll and her choker fall to the ground.

Judai looks on in horror: "Are you serious??"

The Ryou doll transforms back into its human form...and meanwhile, Chronos has also been revived, and he's clinging to a very annoyed looking Manjoume. "Senor Manjoume!" he pleads. "Get the hell off of me!" Manjoume yells, as the group makes a break for it - for the castle is crumbling to the ground.

By the lake shore again, and the sky clears up, bringing sunlight and peace back to the scenery. Asuka remarks that it was like watching a nightmare...

"It was no nightmare..." Judai says as he looks at the choker that Misawa hands to him. "And more dangerous people will come..."

Next episode: The Heart of the Traveler! Blue Eyes White Dragon

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* Yugioh GX 32 *

Yugioh GX Ep 32: Kaiser vs. Carmulla: Activate the Door of Illusions


Ok...whoa! Total angst! I never expected Yugioh GX to take this turn, though I suppose it was inevitable, with the revival of the shadow games. But still, it was completely unexpected for me, especially since Kaiser is...well, The Kaiser! I was pretty shocked by the outcome. What about everyone else? I truly wish it didn't have to end this way, and I'm so sad for Shou and Ryou and all the rest of them. It was reminiscent of Kaiba's sacrifice for Mokuba back in the old school Yugioh world, when he choose defeat in order to take up Mokuba's soul. Such brotherly love! Guess it's always going to be a prominent theme in this series. I loved it. But still v sad indeed. -__-


All the students are gathered by Judai's bedside. Judai's still pretty angry about what's happened to Chronos, as Manjoume looks down sadly at the Chronos doll in his hand. "What do we have to do to bring him back?" Judai asks desperately. Datokuji replies that it looks like they must win in a shadow game in order to do that. "But if you lose...you become a doll! I don't wanna...!" he freaks out, gripping tightly at Pharaoh in his arms. The cat jumps out of his arms in surprise.

Daitokuji jumps under the bed in fear, and says that if an invite for him arrives from Carmulla, "tell her I'll be absent!" Misawa quietly observes that shadow games do exist, afterall... Asuka ponders on this, saying it's a duel where one must put their life and soul on the line.

"Damn it! So we gotta win, right??" Judai says.

"Gotta win? Then it's simple!!" Manjoume grabs the covers and throws them over Judai's face. "Then leave it to me, Manjoume-san!

"No, I'm next!" Judai insists, sitting up in bed and tossing the covers from his face.

"Shut up! You're injured, so keep quiet!" Manjoume says with frustration, yanking the covers over him again. He pushes him back to the bed.

"You're too rough with him, Manjoume-kun!" Shou says.

"If you're whining even before the fight, then you're just gonna get in the way," Manjoume insists.

"Who's in the way?" Misawa counters dangerously. "I'm not gonna run away! Whoever it is, and whether it's a shadow game or not...I will win!"

Manjoume: "Hmph."

Judai: (in a muffled voice from under the covers) "That's what I was gonna saaaaay!!"

Manjoume: "Shut up!!"

Judai: (small voice) "Ok..."

Asuka stands up and says that shadow games are indeed dangerous...but that is exactly why one cannot lose. Judai complains that everyone keeps stealing all the words from his mouth... Ryou steps out of the room, and Shou follows after him.

Shou asks, "You're no planning on fighting those scary people, are you?" He looks really concerned. Ryou just smiles affectionately at him and walks off.

Carmulla's bats are watching, and she still has her sights on Ryou...

Back at his dorm, Manjoume's sorting through his deck. For some reason, he is holding on to the Chronos doll, and it's sitting on top of his desk. Ojama Yellow materializes and says "Do your best, Aniki!" whilst rubbing his butt in Manjoume's face. For his efforts, Ojama gets smacked across the room. "What do you want, attack points zero??" Manjoume says in frustration.

"That's no my name! It's Ojama Yellow!" Ojama flies back to Manjoume's side and reassures him, "for I am by your side." Ojama gets smacked back across the room, this time landing on top of the doll, and he can hear a "meep, that hurts!" in a distinctly Chronos accent. Ojama knees beside the doll and pokes at it, and it yelps, "That tickles!"

Manjoume realizes that Chronos isn't quite dead... He hears the rustling of bats in the sky, and he runs outside. He follows after them. The other kids have seen it too, and have now gathered in front of the lake. They bravely venture forward, across the red carpet that's still floating on the surface of the water.

Once inside the dark castle, Carmulla welcomes them. Judai says he's her opponent, but Manjoume steps up, insisting it should be him. "No, me!" Misawa says. "I don't have time for little boys and that girl." Carmulla drawls. "Who's a little boy?" Misawa demands, whipping back to look at Manjoume. "Why are you looking at me??" Manjoume yells.

But this time, Ryou is determined to take down Carmulla himself. The rules are the same...loser gets sealed into a doll. The duel begins...

* DUEL *

Carmulla: Summons Vampire Lady in defense. (def: 1550). Sets one m/t.

Ryou: Activates Power Bond to fusion summon Cyber End Dragon (atk: 4000). (Um...wow, he has the miraculous draw of Kaiba, it appears. He had all 3 Cyber Dragons in his hand!). Atk points double to 8000 by Power Bond's effect. Shou thinks to himself that his brother always respects his opponents, and gives it his all in a duel. But thinks that today, it's different: his brother is truly angry.

He attacks Vampire Lady (recall, Cyber End's trample ability. If this attack goes through, he could win it in one turn). She activates her trap card Red Moon of Deception. This lets her negate the attack, end battle phase, and add the attacking monster's atk points to her LP. But Ryou activates Defusion from his hand, separating Cyber End into 3 Cyber Dragons, canceling the attack. He sets one m/t.

Everyone's pretty impressed by Kaiser's dueling prowess. Carmulla's impressed as well, and says he's got what it takes to have landed in her sights. "Sorry, but I have my taste also," Ryou replies. "How cold...but that makes it even more amusing for me when you are mine," Carmulla says.

Carmulla: Sacrifices Vampire Lady to summon Vampire Lord. Removes him from the game to special summon Vampire Genesis. She praises Ryou for his combo, but says that he's obviously at a disadvantage, since he's lost his key card. Attacks one Cyber Dragon with Genesis. Ryou says that he's been sorely underestimated, if she thinks that Cyber End is all he's got.

He activates trap card Attack Reflector Unit, which lets him sacrifice his Cyber Dragon and summon in its place Cyber Barrier Dragon (atk: 800). When this monster is in atk position, negate opponent's attack once per turn.

Ryou: Activates Pot of Greed. Activates instant magic Photon Generator Unit. Sacrifices 2 Cyber Dragons to special summon Cyber Laser Dragon (atk: 2400). This monster lets you destroy a monster with more def or atk points than itself once per turn. He destroys Genesis by this effect. Directly attacks with both his monsters. (Carmulla LP: 800). Sets one m/t.

Carmulla: Her face is getting weird again. She activates Gate of Illusions from her hand. This is a card that no one has ever seen before. It allows her to destroy all monsters on opponent's field. This card also lets her summon without drawbacks any monster that has been used during this duel. She chooses Cyber End Dragon (it's at atk: 4000). In exchange, she must sacrifice her soul to the card if she loses. But she decides to use Shou's soul in her place. Ryou tells him to run, but it's too late...she nabs poor Shou, and uses him as her shield... She tells him that if she loses, Shou's soul will never be able to return to this world.

Ryou's face down card is Call of the Living Dead. If he activates it and brings back Cyber Barrier Dragon, he could live out one more turn. But he realizes that even if he did this, it would make no difference for Shou.

Shou and Ryou have at touching exchange here, where Shou tells his brother not to sacrifice himself for a no-good brother like himself. He says that he's just an embarrassment for Ryou, being a drop out boy from Osiris Red. Ryou tells him he has improved his duel, so much so that it can't even compare to his past duels. "Have more confidence in yourself," he says to him, "Do your best in the future too, Shou..."

Ryou rests his hands at his side. "NO, Oniisan!!" Shou screams.

Carmulla attacks with Cyber End Dragon, wiping out Ryou's LP in one move... His soul is sealed into the doll, and his body dissipates into the shadows.

"The key and doll are mine. I shall take good care of them..." Carmulla laughs as she disappears.

By the lake's shore, Shou cries for his brother. Judai angrily shouts into the air: "Duels are supposed to be fun, right? Why does Shou have to cry? Why does this have to happen to Kaiser? I will never forgive those who made us duel this way! I'm gonna win, and bring back all the souls that were taken! Shit! Just you wait, Carmulla...just you wait, Seven Stars! Your next opponent is... ME!"

Next episode: Shine! Shining Flare Wingman

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