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Name: Yukimura Seiichi
Anime: Prince of Tennis


Yukimura is a wonderful character that has lots of potential... His name is quite fitting to his character as well. "Yuki" is the kanji for peace or happiness, and "mura" means village. I think this reflects the serenity of his nature very well.

The more interesting part about his name is the fact that it stems from the historic Japanese war hero, Sanada Yukimura. A brilliant tactician and expert in the art of war, he almost led a successful campaign against the then-shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. He is ultimately betrayed and meets a tragic end. I think it's interesting indeed, that the powerhouse tennis team Rikkaidai's Captain (Yukimura) and Vice Captain (Sanada) are named after this true life hero.

"Sei" means soul or life force. This of course, speaks to Yukimura's passionate feelings toward tennis, and his incredible will to overcome his suffering to become greater than he is. Ichi is a common ending for a boy's name.

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This song is one of Ayu's more rock-type songs. It's one of her latest singles, just before Alterna and Fairyland.

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

* Bleach *

~~~ Bleach ~~~

athena's entries for Bleach:
Ep 5: Strike at the Unseen Enemy
Ep 14: Back-to-Back Battle to the Death
Ep 15: Kon's Mwa Ha Ha! Great Strategy
Ep 16: Abarai Renji Makes His Appearance!
Ep 17: Ichigo, Dies!
Ep 18: Take it Back! The Powers of a Soul Reaper!
Ep 19: Ichigo Degenerates into a Hollow
Ep 20: The Shadow of Ichimaru Gin (skipped)
Ep 21: Breaking in to the World of the Soul Reapers

Lyrics to "Thank You!" (2nd ED theme)
Lyrics to "Thank You!" (TV size)
Kuchiki Byakuya (name meaning)

Airs on Tuesdays
Total episodes: ?
Official website
RAWs at l33t
RAWs at Saiyaman

Kurosaki Ichigo is a high school student who's got an unusual part-time occupation - he's a substitute Soul Reaper. He came upon this job by chance one day, when he encounters Kuchiki Rukia, a Soul Reaper who has entered his world to vanquish fallen spirits knows as Hollows. Though normally not visible to the human eye, Soul Reapers have always existed, to help good souls (called "Plus") move on to the other world known as the Soul Society, and to vanquish Hollows. Ichigo ends up borrowing Rukia's powers to save his family from being destroyed by a Hollow...and in the process, takes all of Rukia's Soul Reaper powers.

He agrees to help her with her work as a Soul Reaper, because she can no longer continue her work in her present condition.

Because Ichigo is a human, he must have his soul ripped out of the body in order to fight as a Soul Reaper. His Zanpakutou (the sword used by Soul Reapers) is larger than any ever seen before, which symbolizes the greatness of Ichigo's spiritual energy. However, he has not yet discovered the name of his sword - nor has the full extent of his powers been realized.

Although slightly brash with a tendency to be reckless, Ichigo has a good heart, and is extremely protective of his loved ones. He lost his mother to a Hollow when he was a child, and he feels responsible for her death. She was the one person he loved the most whom he failed to protect. (His name means "Protector of One." When he was a child, he vowed that the one he would protect would be his mother). He eventually encounters the Hollow who killed his mother, but is unable to vanquish it. Although he is currently putting in all his efforts to strengthen his spiritual powers and rescue Rukia from execution, one of his other goals is to claim vengeance for his mother.

(note: I have submitted this same text for Ichigo's bio on a website I contribute to called Bleach Society. Make sure you visit their lovely website!)

athena's notes:
I think this series is quite intriguing. I like how it's a great mixture of seriousness and comedy, and I love most of the characters! I'm particularly fond of Ishida and Rukia. I have to admit I don't really fancy the artwork for the manga very much (I do have English version mangas 1 and 3, but don't follow the Japanese version). But the story's very interesting, and I'm looking forward to more!

My favorite episode is 17. I thought the scene where Rukia is leaving for Soul Society was very poignant and beautiful. I'm a little wary of the recent Soul Reaper training episodes, which remind me a bit of those fighting animes like Dragon Ball Z. But I'm sure this series will not let me down. ^_~

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