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Yukimura is a wonderful character that has lots of potential... His name is quite fitting to his character as well. "Yuki" is the kanji for peace or happiness, and "mura" means village. I think this reflects the serenity of his nature very well.

The more interesting part about his name is the fact that it stems from the historic Japanese war hero, Sanada Yukimura. A brilliant tactician and expert in the art of war, he almost led a successful campaign against the then-shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. He is ultimately betrayed and meets a tragic end. I think it's interesting indeed, that the powerhouse tennis team Rikkaidai's Captain (Yukimura) and Vice Captain (Sanada) are named after this true life hero.

"Sei" means soul or life force. This of course, speaks to Yukimura's passionate feelings toward tennis, and his incredible will to overcome his suffering to become greater than he is. Ichi is a common ending for a boy's name.

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Monday, February 21, 2005

* Prince of Tennis 165 *

Prince of Tennis Ep 165
(pt 1): Tenipuri Family Goes to Hawaii?

(pt 2): The Tenipuri Family Christmas
an athena backtrack special!


This chibi episode has some sentimental value to me because it's really what got me started on Prince of Tennis! If you've read my new categories page on Prince of Tennis (do check it out if you have the chance...I've tried to make it easier to navigate my pages here), you'll know that I'm a new fan of this series. Anyway, I randomnly watched this episode and thought it was so quirky! I had to find out more... Now that I've seen a lot more episodes, I understand much more of what's going on in this episode...and even know what "tenipuri" means...lol!

Anyway, this is an adorable chibi episode! I thought the first Tenipuri family episode was hilarious, but this one's quite good too.


Tenipuri Family Goes to Hawaii?

The story opens with Shuuko mama and the kids looking at a travel brochure for Hawaii, and fantasizing a dream vacation. Ryoma points out that Kirihara is going to Hawaii this vacation, and Mama whines that she wants to go too! She glares over at her husband Inui, who swiftly pretends to be engrossed in the paper. Shuuko Moon Volleys a teddy bear right smack into Inui's face!

Shuuko's mother (Fuji) is watching from the yard outside, and rebukes her for being so violent. But then Fuji looks in the direction of husband Tezuka, who's talking to his bonsai plant like it's his lover: "I love you Marilyn...you're the only one that comforts my heart..." Fuji gets angry and hits a flower pot in his direction. Tezuka blocks it from hitting his precious plant, and the pot beelines straight into his forehead. "TEZUKA ZOOOONE!" he mumbles, as he starts to glow...

Later, Shuuko and her kids are out shopping, when they come across a lottery opportunity, where you spin some wheel mechanism for a chance to draw a winning ball... Ryoma and Momoko fight over who gets to spin the wheel, but lil' Kaoru gets to it first. He draws a winner - a trip to Hawaii! The family rejoices in their great fortune: grandma Fuji pumps air into her Hakugei (whale-shaped floatation device), while Shuuko tries on her bathing suit. ^_^;;; But when they look over at Kaoru, he's ripped up their winning pass! Inui papa manages to piece it back together again, but then they read the fine print...and it turns out that they only won free hotel fare, and that they would have to pay all other expenses, including airfare...

So they manage to strike a deal to win a trip to the hot springs / ski resort instead.

Once there, the parents and grandparents take off to the baths. The kids hit the slopes, but not before plowing over Sanada and Yukimura in the hallway. ^_^;;

As Ryoma and Momoko are snowboarding, they bump into Kirihara, who was supposed to be in Hawaii...the three of them leave Kaoru and their cat Kikumaru behind, and take a lift to the top of the mountain. Once there, they end up slipping from the peak, and falling straight down the steep mountain side. Kirihara manages to stop, but Ryoma and Momoko keep falling. They wake up moments later to find a bear licking at their faces..

Meanwhile, the parents and grandparents have discovered the kids missing and have gone to look for them. Kaoru points at the lift to indicate where they went. "The possibility of kids coming down from that gondola safely...0.9%!!" Inui papa says. A very tired looking Kirihara finally catches up with them to tell them where Ryoma and Momoko have gone..

Ryoma and Momoko aren't doing so well...they've managed to find shelter in a shack, but the fire is dying out. Ryoma takes out his matches and lights one...whena huge Ponta appears! (What is this, the Little Match Girl?? Hehe..) Momoko wants one too, and they fight over the matches, when they inadvertently light them all at once! They start to panic, when all the sudden through the door, Taka-san appears with a huge plate of sushi for delivery. He realizes he's got the wrong house, and starts to leave, when Ryoma and Momoko beg him to stay! That's when the rest of their family shows up...awww...a nice reunion takes place, and the whole family sits down to a nice sushi dinner...

~~~~ * ~~~~ * ~~~~

(pt 2): The Tenipuri Family Christmas

It's almost Christmas, and Ryoma & Momoko are having a blast decorating their tree, when Shuuko mama and grandma Fuji walk in: "Were you able to decorate the tree alright?" Mama asks...but when she sees that the kids have managed to string up poor Kaoru onto the tree with garland and lights, Mama snaps, and grabs the nearest object to hurl at the naughty kids! Ryoma and Momoko dash for cover and speed out the front door, past Inui papa and grandpa Tezuka, who are arriving home from work. Mama volleys a can in their direction, but it smacks straight into Tezuka's head! Tezuka glows as he mutters: "Tezuka ZOOOONE!!"

"Are...are you alright, Dad?" Inui asks. Tezuka looks at him briefly before bellowing, "OF COURSE I'M NOT OK!!! Everyone - 10 laps around the neighborhood, NOW!!"

Later the evening, Inui papa is looking at his notebook with a concerned expression: "I need more data..." he says. "What data?" Shuuko mama asks. "OH!" she says, as she sees what Inui's been looking at...

It appears the parents need to find out what their kids want for Christmas, so they decide to have them write their wishes on slips of paper and hang them from the tree. "It's not even Tanabata," Ryoma complains, "Why do we have to write down what we want?" (note: Tanabata is a Japanese holiday where one writes their wishes on a paper and hang them from bamboo).

Grandpa Tezuka begins to answer, "If you don't, then we won't know..." when Fuji slams an uppercut right into his chin and knocks him out. Inui papa rephrases: "This is so SANTA will know what to get you!" Kaoru is scribbling something, and realizes that he can't write yet, and panics...

Afterwards, the parents and grandparents gather around the tree to see what the kids wrote.

"Please give me Ponta. --Ryoma"

"Give me Babaroa. --Momoko" (note: Momoko's asking for Bavarian cream cake)

They remark on how cute these kids are...but then Tezuka notices that there's more hanging on the back of the tree. He flips it around, and there's much, much more:

"I want games. --Ryoma"
"I want Very Berry Coco Parfait. --Momoko"
"I wanna eat sushi. --Ryoma"
"I wanna eat steak. --Momoko"
"I want a dog. --Ryoma"


"Those kids.....!!!" ^_^;;;

Shuuko mama sees Kaoru's scribbles and smiles, saying she forgot that he can't write yet. Kaoru's under the table, and crying, thinking Santa's not going to bring him anything!

Nighttime, and Shuuko asks her husband whether he's thought of anything good to get the kids. "99.7% certain," he replies. Shuuko acts all coy and says, "Is Santa going to bring something for his cute wife, too??" She bats her eyes... Inui tries to avoid to question, and notes how he still needs to think up of the missing 0.3%. Shuuko gets angry and hits an alarm clock in his direction...but Inui, without even looking up, says: "It won't reach." And indeed, it flies right past him and slams in to the wall behind him. "Sadaharu-saaaan!!!" his wife screams, as she wrestles him to the ground.

The next day, the women go out to shop, leaving the kids alone. Ryoma and Momoko instantly begin causing all kinds of mischief. Meanwhile, Kaoru takes it upon himself to go find Santa so he can tell him what he wants for Christmas! He comes upon Sanada & Yukimura dressed like Santa and his reindeer. Kaoru speeds up on his tricycle and slams into Sanada, sending Yukimura flying off. Sanada's Santa beard falls of, and Kaoru is shocked to see that he's an imposter! He continues on in his mission to find the real santa...

Meanwhile, at the mall, Fuji and Shuuko have managed to finish their shopping - they've even bought presents for their men at super bargain prices. They spot sales for women's clothing, and go to forage, when they come across Inui, who's desperately trying to find some gifts for his wife... Shuuko complains that he's buying her stuff from the bargain bin (though Fuji reminds her that they were doing to same for him, too...)

Back at home, Ryoma and Momoko realize that Kaoru's gone missing, and they go look for him, using Kikumaru to sniff him out. They come upon the remains of the entire Rikkaidai team, all dressed as santas, and all bruised up and passed out on the street - apparent victims of Kaoru's wrath. Kaoru's really getting frustrated...but then he spots someone who looks like he may be santa walking into the department store. He follows after...

Inside, he discovers the area where a dressed up santa is taking gift wish requests from kids. (It's actually Ryuzaki sensei. And awwww!! There are chibi Hyoutei kids in the play area, including Atobe!). Inui, Shuuko and Fuji arrive on that floor, and kids are running out of the area in tears. (even lil' Atobe! Awwww!!!) They're all upset that Kaoru had ripped the fake beard off of the santa and exposed her as a fraud!

Ryuzaki's upset, and the parents apologize to her...Ryoma, Momoko and Kikumaru also arrive on the scene. But Kaoru has finally spotted his "santa" - this old bearded guy - and he catches up with him. The old man gently pats him on the head and leaves. Kaoru's convinced that he's met the real santa!

Christmas eve, and the family's having a sushi feast delivered by Taka-san. Ryoma asks, "Do you know what day Christmas is?" And Momoko says, "isn't it the day we great presents and eat lots of good food?" Kaoru tugs at her dress and points out the window...it's santa flying through the sky on his sleigh. The kids look up with dreamy faces: "it's santa!!" Kaoru smiles...

"Kids are so innocent," Shuuko mama remarks...

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