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Name: Yukimura Seiichi
Anime: Prince of Tennis


Yukimura is a wonderful character that has lots of potential... His name is quite fitting to his character as well. "Yuki" is the kanji for peace or happiness, and "mura" means village. I think this reflects the serenity of his nature very well.

The more interesting part about his name is the fact that it stems from the historic Japanese war hero, Sanada Yukimura. A brilliant tactician and expert in the art of war, he almost led a successful campaign against the then-shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. He is ultimately betrayed and meets a tragic end. I think it's interesting indeed, that the powerhouse tennis team Rikkaidai's Captain (Yukimura) and Vice Captain (Sanada) are named after this true life hero.

"Sei" means soul or life force. This of course, speaks to Yukimura's passionate feelings toward tennis, and his incredible will to overcome his suffering to become greater than he is. Ichi is a common ending for a boy's name.

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This song is one of Ayu's more rock-type songs. It's one of her latest singles, just before Alterna and Fairyland.

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Friday, February 18, 2005

* Yugioh GX 20 *

Yugioh GX Ep 20: The All Powerful Lady-in-Love Deck!


This was the campiest episode ever, but in a good way! It was lots of fun to see all of Judai's monsters go ga-ga over a girl...lol. And of course, it's always interesting to see a slightly rattled Kaiser, who's rarely if ever caught off guard. Hints to the reappearance of Manjoume...of course, I'd pick up on that, since I already know the title to the upcoming episode 24 (still 3 eps away T.T), when he comes back again. They talk of a match against the North School, which seems to be a satellite location of their academy. Hmmm....is this gonna become a face-off between Manjoume and Kaiser? I need to go back to janime's page and confirm the previews for those episodes... I can't wait! ^_^


So there's a new student joining the Osiris red dorm...Saotome Rei. (Wheee!! A boy/girl, just like Saotome Ranma! lol...) He looks down and shifts uncomfortably. "He's pretty like a girl," Hayato says. Judai, the happy go-lucky kid that he is, tries to make the boy feel at ease. "That's ok, don't feel bad that your grades suck!" he says. But Daitokuji corrects him, saying that all mid-term transfer students are placed in red at first...but Rei's grades are good enough for yellow. But while they're at it..the teacher places Rei in Judai's room, since they seem to get along so well.

Back at the dorm, they've put a bed for Rei in the middle of the room, leaving no space at all for moving around. Judai suggests they all take a bath together, cuz there's nothing like naked male bonding while bathing together and rinsing off each other's backs. O.o (these were his exact words...heh...Judai's actually pretty fit looking, lol). Rei blushes and looks away, saying he can't, cuz he's sick. Judai, Hayato and Shou go off to the bath, and indeed, are washing each other's backs. Some strange hairy arm appears to be washing Judai's back, and he turns around to discover...a bear! XD So much goofiness!

Next day at school, the principal announces that the good-will games with their sister school, the North School is quickly approaching. Last year, Kaiser, then a second year, managed to claim victory for Duel Acadamia. "That's my brother!" Shou whispers proudly to Rei, "He's got better grades than me..." The representative for this year has not been selected yet. Judai's determined that it should be him, but Shou tells him it's probably gonna be his brother, Kaiser Ryou! What a loyal kid. ^_^

Later, the three of them are walking outside when they see Rei sneaking off somewhere. Judai runs off after him. He sees Rei climb up into a dorm room at Obelisk blue. Judai climbs up after him...it's a huge room...and very neat and tidy, as would be expected of Kaiser's room (which we later find out it is). Judai's shocked to see Rei take out Kaiser's deck and nuzzle it. Judai runs in, and tells him to get out...that he'll be mistaken for a spy from the North. Suddenly, people approach...Rei jumps up and tries to escape, but Judai grabs him...and his hat falls off, revealing Rei as a girl. She drops her hair clip in the process, but she doesn't have time to get it, and jumps out the window. Judai tries to go after her, but the people have returned to Kaiser's room and spot him, dragging him in. "It's a misunderstanding, I swear!!" Judai yells, but they won't have any of it. He doesn't tell them that someone else was in the room, either. Kaiser walks in, and spots his cards scattered on the floor, along with a hair clip. "Let him go," he tells his dorm mates. "This time, leave from the front door, Judai."

It's evening, and Ryou has called out Asuka to talk about something, much to her surprise. "I need to talk to you about something," he says. Asuka smiles, saying it's unsual to see the Kaiser having concerns about something. He shows her the hair clip...

Meanwhile, Shou returns to the dorm to discover that Judai and Rei are gone. He and Hayato follow after them. Outside, they overhear Judai asking Rei why she's been dressing like a guy and sneaking into people's dorms. He suggests that they can duel, because that's the best way to communicate with someone... Ryou and Asuka also arrive to watch as the duel commences...

* Duel *

Rei: Summons Lady in Love (400 atk).

Judai: Summons Featherman. He attacks Lady. (Rei LP: 3400). Lady has a special ability...if she's in atk mode, she can't be destroyed in battle. Also, the monster that attacks her gets one Maiden Counter. Featherman is enamored by the lovely lady, and he asks her if she's alright. Poor Judai's exacerbated, yelling at his monster to get it together and act like a true hero!

Rei: Equips Lady with Cupid Kiss. Attacks Featherman with Lady "Featherman-san!!! Please accept my love!!" she says, but trips and falls. Featherman apologizes...and falls under Lady's spell. By her equip effect, a monster she attacks with a Maiden Counter comes under the control of the opponent (when she receives damage). "You'll listen to what I say won't you?" she asks him. "Of course! Anything for you!" Featherman says. She tells him to attack Judai, and he does. (Rei LP: 2800, Judai LP: 3000). Sets one m/t.

Judai: Summons Sparkman to attack Featherman. But Rei activates her trap card, Defense Maiden, which makes it so Lady takes the attack instead. (Rei LP: 1600). Featherman is angered by this: "Sparkman! You're a hero, aren't you? How could you attack a defenseless little gir??" Sparkman apologizes, and feels really badly..."Arrrghh!! What have I done???" He falls in love with her too!

Shou notes how oddly Judai's reacting. Ryou remarks that entire nations have fallen due to one woman's beauty... "That would explain why a guy called 'Kaiser' has met his match," Asuka says.

Rei: Equips Happy Marriage to Lady, bringing her attack up by Featherman's 1000. She attacks Sparkman (Rei LP: 1400). Sparkman goes under Rei's control. Direct attack with Featherman and Sparkman. (Judai LP: 400). Asuka remarks that seducing duel monsters is probably quite easy for this girl, who's come all this way to their southern island to follow her first love.

Judai: Summons Burst Lady. She doesn't look happy. She rebukes Sparkman and Featherman for being so pathetic! Activates Burst Return, which can be activated when Burst Lady is on his field. He brings back Featherman and Sparkman to his hand. "The two of you...hurry up and get back here!" Burst Lady says. "Yes, ma'am!" they say, and snap to it! Judai fusion summons Flame Wingman for the win.

* End Duel *

Aw....so it turns out that Rei had fallen in love with Ryou, and had come all this way to see him. Ryou looks slightly uncomfortable, but manages to compose himself, and tells her she has to go back. She starts to cry, and Judai gets angry at Ryou for saying too much. But Ryou says, "but this girl..." and Judai thinks...does she have another secret? Is she actually a guy pretending to be a girl dressing like a guy??? But no, it turns out that she's actually in the 5th grade!

Later, as she takes off on a ship, the kids see her off... She says she'll definitely try to go this school next year, after graduating elementary school. Ryou remarks (with slight relief?) that he won't be here next year. But it looks like Rei's switched her target to Judai, much to his shock and dismay... "I'll leave the rest to you," Ryou says as he walks off... Judai: ^_^;;;;

Next Week: Seal the Fusions! Judai vs. Misawa (part 1)

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