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Yukimura is a wonderful character that has lots of potential... His name is quite fitting to his character as well. "Yuki" is the kanji for peace or happiness, and "mura" means village. I think this reflects the serenity of his nature very well.

The more interesting part about his name is the fact that it stems from the historic Japanese war hero, Sanada Yukimura. A brilliant tactician and expert in the art of war, he almost led a successful campaign against the then-shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. He is ultimately betrayed and meets a tragic end. I think it's interesting indeed, that the powerhouse tennis team Rikkaidai's Captain (Yukimura) and Vice Captain (Sanada) are named after this true life hero.

"Sei" means soul or life force. This of course, speaks to Yukimura's passionate feelings toward tennis, and his incredible will to overcome his suffering to become greater than he is. Ichi is a common ending for a boy's name.

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Friday, February 25, 2005

* Yugioh GX 21 *

Yugioh GX Ep 21: Seal the Fusions! Judai vs. Misawa (part 1)

* * Count down to Manjoume: 2 more episodes! * *


This was a really fun episode! It seems like an interesting set-up for what's inevitably coming - the match against the North School. They mention that the student chosen from the North school is a first year, which means of course, that it HAS to be Manjoume!! I'm very excited by this, and if / when Judai is chosen, it had better be the case that Manjoume finally gets his well deserved triumph! I'll never forget it if Judai wins YET AGAIN. It might actually cause me to give up on this series if that happens! Well, maybe not...but I'll definitely think that this series is way to cliche (hero always wins, yadda yadda).

Is it just me, or does Misawa have the most unimaginative looking monsters ever? Although the ritual monster he apparently summons next episode looks semi-interesting.


The episode opens with some mysterious dude with a pony tail in scuba gear, who comes up out of the water and sneaka onto the shores of the island of Duel Acadamia. His name is Kunisaki Kousuke, and he says that he's going to figure out "that secret" of Duel Acadamia...

Meanwhile, the faculty members of Duel Acadamia are discussing who they should choose to represent their school in the match against the North School. It had already been assumed that the Kaiser would step up to the challenge, but they've since learned that it is a first year student that the North School has chosen. They consider that maybe they should choose a first year too. Ryou, who's also part of this meeting, immediately recommends Yuki Judai. (Awww...it's so cute! He didn't even hesitate before mentioning his name!) The faculty for the most part nod in agreement, but of course - Chronos is upset, and insists that they choose Misawa instead. Thus it's decided that there will be a duel between these two, in order to decide who should be chosen.
The decision is announced in class the next day, and Shou's really excited for Judai. No one from red has ever been chosen before. Misawa notes that his seventh deck is almost complete. Judai says he's looking forward to the match. Judai's pumped, and he says he's gonna go home and work on his deck now!

Kunisaki's managed to swipe an Osiris red coat, and he's walking around the halls trying to ask a question, but no one will listen to some kid in red. (Although he looks too old to be a student, as Shou points out). Judai approaches him, and he says, "I get it, you've been set back a few years, haven't you? That's alright...if you keep trying, you'll eventually be promoted. Don't give up! Now let's go back to our dorm!" Then he drags the guy back to the red dorm. They partake in a very meager meal, which Judai chomps down with great enthusiasm.

After dinner, Judai's putting his deck together. "I'm gonna have faith in these guys, no matter what Misawa comes at me with!" he says, as he holds his deck to his face. Kunisaki's been hanging out with them too, and thinks to himself how childish Judai is. Then he notices a card on the floor and picks it up. It's Judai's Skyscraper card. Kunisaki gets a nasty flashback, where - with Skyscraper as a backdrop - he's utterly crushed in a duel against a shadowy figure that's no doubt Kaiba Seto. It looks like he was a hapless victim of the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Kunizaki gets infuriated...

Judai asks him "What's the matter, old man?" "Don't call me old man! I'm Kunisaki Kousuke!" (But he realizes too late that he's said his real name by mistake..) Judai asks him if he likes the Skyscraper card too, and he responds that he hates dueling! The kid wonder why he's at Duel Acadamia? And he tries to play it off, saying "It's no fun failing all the time..." Hayato tries to cheer him up, saying that he used to feel that way, before watching Judai duel...and now he's been inspired to do better. Awww...

Kunisaki thinks to himself that he's got no time to waste hanging out with these kids, but then realizes that maybe they might know something about kids disappearing from Duel Acadamia. "You mean the ghost dorm?" Judai asks.

Outside the abandoned dorm, Asuka places a rose on the ground for her brother. Kunisaki approaches her, and says that he's heard that students have disappeared from this dorm...and asks her if she's got some kind of connection with someone who's disappeared. She tells him it's none of his business and stalks off. Kunisaki mutters that he can't give up quite yet. This is a juicy story that's going to bring lots of money... He takes some pictures of the dorm building and grins.

Misawa is at his dorm room computer trying to figure out what to put in his deck. He realizes that all of Judai's powerful monsters are fusions, and therein lies the key... Misawa actually looks pretty sinister when he's plotting his moves...hehe. He even does a Kaiba-esque cackle when he figures out the best way to defeat Judai!

It's the day of the duel, and Judai's the same old, in high spirits. Shou's a little tense, and says Judai should be too. But of course, this kind of thing doesn't phase him. They wonder where Kunisaki's gone to...?

Finally, the duel's about to begin. Chronos announces that this is the duel that will determine who will represent the school against the North school. He introduces Misawa with great flair. Then mumbles Judai's name as his opponent... ^_^;; Asuka's watching from the audience, and Ryou walks up, saying it looks to be an interesting duel. Asuka says rather angrily, "yeah." "Asuka?" Ryou looks at her with a concerned expression. "It's nothing," she replies, trying to smile. (Obviously still upset about her encounter with Kunisaki last night). Meanwhile, Kunisaki's sneaking around the library trying to hack into the computer. He momentarily gets sidetracked when he remembers Judai, but mutters that duels are just games, and that his story is waiting for him.

The duel begins.

* Duel *

Misawa: Summons Carbonedon in defense (def: 600).

Judai: Summons Burst Lady and destroys Carbonedon with her. Sets one m/t.

Misawa: He draws card and thinks, "Here it is...my key card to destroying you!" Summons Oxygedon in attack (atk: 1800). He declares an attack on Burst Lady, but Judai activates Hero Barrier, which negates one attack by an opponent monster when an E-Hero is on the field. Misawa sets one m/t.

Ryou notes that Misawa has probably calculated to precision how to defeat Judai, and wonders how Judai will respond. Asuka replies that calculations only take you so far...that Judai has an inate ability to grasp the flow of a duel. Ryou looks at her, and she makes an excuse: "I'm not saying that as favoratism...it's what I think, having watched his duel!" (Ooo...is Ryou jealous??? Hmm.....what's going on? XD )

Judai: Summons Sparkman in atk. (atk 1600). He equips Sparkgun to Sparkman, and changes Oxygedon into def (def 800). He attacks Oxygedon with Burst Lady. Oxygedon is destroyed, but when this monster is destroyed by a Fire attribute monster, it inflicts 800 LP damage to both players (Misawa, Judai LP: 3200). He attacks directly with Sparkman (Misawa LP: 1600).

Misawa: He tells Judai that although his Heroes are strong, he doesn't even have a 1 % chance of winning. (What is he, Kaiba?? Talking about duel results in percentages...) Misawa thinks to himself that in order for Judai to use his key card (Fusion), he in turn has to bring out the best in Judai. He summons Hydrogedon in attack (atk: 1600). He attacks and destroys Burst Lady (Judai LP: 2800). He activates Hydrogedon's special ability - when this monster destroys a monster in battle, special summon another Hydrogedon from deck. He activates Living Fossil (equip magic), which lets him special summon a monster from his grave and equip it to that monster. The monster's attack is decreased by 1000 and it loses its special ability by the equip card's effect. He special summons Oxygedon. He activates Bonding H2O, which lets him sacrifice 2 Hydrogedons and 1 Oxygedon to special summon Water Dragon. (atk: 2800).

Judai: Activates fusion with the idea of summoning Tempester (Bubbleman + Featherman + Sparkman). But Misawa activates his trap card, Curse of Sealing Magic. By discarding one magic card from his hand, he can negate the activation of a magic card and destroy it. And for the rest of the duel, his opponent will be unable to use that card. Misawa laughs, saying he's managed to seal all of Judai's fusions! (guess he's forgotten that Judai also has Fusion Gate.. ^_^;;; )

Next Week: Summon Wildman! Judai vs. Misawa (part 2)

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