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Name: Yukimura Seiichi
Anime: Prince of Tennis


Yukimura is a wonderful character that has lots of potential... His name is quite fitting to his character as well. "Yuki" is the kanji for peace or happiness, and "mura" means village. I think this reflects the serenity of his nature very well.

The more interesting part about his name is the fact that it stems from the historic Japanese war hero, Sanada Yukimura. A brilliant tactician and expert in the art of war, he almost led a successful campaign against the then-shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. He is ultimately betrayed and meets a tragic end. I think it's interesting indeed, that the powerhouse tennis team Rikkaidai's Captain (Yukimura) and Vice Captain (Sanada) are named after this true life hero.

"Sei" means soul or life force. This of course, speaks to Yukimura's passionate feelings toward tennis, and his incredible will to overcome his suffering to become greater than he is. Ichi is a common ending for a boy's name.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

* Prince of Tennis 175 *

Prince of Tennis Ep 175: The Third Year's True Heart*


I put an asterisk next to "true heart" because I've seen this episode translated as such elsewhere...and honestly I couldn't come up with a better title. But the title is actually "Sannenme no honki" which means something more like "true strength" of the third year... In context, this would mean that the true powers of (Fuji) are finally coming to surface after this, his third year. I really like this title. I think his "awakening," which happened in the manga during his match against Kirihara, is being shown now in the anime...and who better to bring out the true powers of Fuji than his friend and "rival" Tezuka?

And that's the main question here, which is brought up throughout the episode: What is truly the nature of Tezuka and Fuji's relationship? Yaoi fandom aside (and trust me, there's plenty of "innuendo" for those who want it), I think the issue is that the two characters have never had the same type of intense rivalry that exists, for example, between Momo and Kaidoh. In fact, they hadn't even played against each other for 3 years... How is it that the two best players on the Seigaku team never confronted each other on the courts, although they could have played practice matches any time they wished? I think they both knew that something fundamental would change about their tennis when they did meet on the court...and perhaps wanted to avoid it for as long as possible. A certain level of comfort can be had from such a stalemate...

But it all comes down to this one match...the result of which will have to wait until the next episode, unfortunately. Gah! But maybe then, we will finally see the ultimate strength that resides in Fuji...the prodigy.

This is again, a must-see episode for Tezuka / Fuji fans! I loved all the flashbacks, and so much emotion...it was one of the best episodes ever. Can't wait til 176!


In New York, Ryoma is blasting away the competition...he says he's not much impressed by the players he's come up against at the Open. "Mada mada dane," he says. Cocky as ever!

Back in Japan, Fuji and Tezuka's match continues where we left off, with Fuji's Tsubame Gaeshi. (Recall, it's 1 game-all, and Fuji's service game). Kikumaru and Inui have finished their own matches and have rushed over to watch. The teammates note how Fuji's moves are brilliant, as ever. "So you have finally begun...Fuji!" Tezuka thinks to himself..

The first years wonder who's stronger, and Oishi answers that it's hard to tell. He says that going by track record alone, Tezuka is definitely the stronger player - as he is a Nationals level athlete, no doubt. And yet...they recall hearing that Fuji defeated Tezuka utterly and completely first year...

Tezuka hits the ball onto the net, and it bounces into Fuji's side. Fuji runs up and manages to hit it back, another net-hitting ball, but it too, jumps back to the other side. (note: they call this a "cord" (?) ball. I don't think this is an English term...does anyone know?) Momo remarks that he's never seen someone return a "cord" ball with a cord ball before. Fuji now leads 2-1. Ryuzaki thinks that this is going to be unpredictable indeed.

Inui ponders how for Fuji and Tezuka, he has never been able to accurately collect their data, because they manage to beat most of their opponents before bringing out their full capacities. He notes that this match, however, is different, because each player needs to play with all their powers if they want to win.

Momo says that maybe Tezuka is actually a little nervous, but Kaidoh angrily snaps, "Are you blind? Does he look nervous to you?" Oishi tells them to quiet down...

Tezuka thinks that Fuji's quite good, as expected. He serves, and wins the next point. Inui notes that Fuji's been having problems with Tezuka's killer serve... Fuji thinks that simply returning the ball will not be enough. It's Tezuka's game point. He serves, and Fuji returns it with a double hander. 40-15. The teammates remark that it's now Fuji on the offensive. 40-30. Fuji thinks, "The wind has picked up...this is mine." He hits his Hakugei, but when it bounces back toward him, Tezuka jumps up and smashes it. Fuji realizes that Tezuka had predicted his move. He returns the smash with the Higuma otoshi, but it flies straight toward the Tezuka zone. Fuji returns this with his Tsubame Gaeshi, but Tezuka hits that one back too! (Gah!) Fuji thinks he can get to it in time, but once the ball hits the ground, it rolls back toward the net. Zero shiki... 2-2.

Fuji's pretty shocked... "I thought this day would come," he thinks, "the day when we would play against each other with all our strength..." Cherry blossom petals scatter in the winds... "Yes...ever since the day we met..."

* Flashback *

It's first year. Tezuka is cleaning up after practice...apparently, the upperclassmen have been picking on him again, and forced him to do extra work.

"Tezuka-kun," an adorable 1st year Fuji says, approaching him.

"Er...Fuji..kun? What do you want?"

"I'm going to help you."

Tezuka tries to stop him, saying it's his penalty job. Fuji replies that he must get in trouble a lot. Tezuka replies that he probably comes across as cocky... "And I do answer back a lot.."

"And you're strong too. You beat the senpais today, didn't you? Ever since I joined the team, I've thought you were incredible.. And you're diligent too," Fuji says.

Tezuka looks away. "I'm just doing what I'm supposed to. Now go home...I appreciate the thought, but I don't want you to get in trouble too."

"That's ok...when we get in trouble, let's get in trouble together...all of us."

"All?" He looks around, and Oishi, Taka-san and Inui are all helping out too. Awww...

* End flashback *

"That's right...even back then, you had all our trust and respect," Fuji thinks. He serves. It goes into the Tezuka zone. Inui is stunned that the Tezuka zone works even on Fuji's triple counters. Momo wonders if Fuji's going to lose now...him and Kaidoh get into a fight again, because Kaidoh tells him to just shut up and watch. The first years say that they must fight a lot because they're in the same year, and are rivals...so then the question comes up: Fuji and Tezuka - are both third years...do they consider each other rivals? Horio says that has to be the case, since they are in the same year, and are both very strong...but one of the kids notes that it doesn't seem like that type of atmosphere exists between the two of them. Kachiro says, "What kind of relationship do they really have?" Hmmm...

"I hit it and hit it, but the ball always gets sucked in toward you... That's right, I wanted to have a match like this with you," Fuji thinks.

* Flashback *

"A match?" 1st year Tezuka says to Fuji. They're in the hallway of the school, and Fuji has just suggested that the two of them secretly play a match, although 1st years aren't allowed to play one without permission. Tezuka looks down. Fuji frowns and says "Don't you want to?" "No, let's do it," Tezuka says. "Really?" Fuji's really excited... "I wanted to play against you too, Fuji-kun." Fuji grabs Tezuka's hands and thanks him...he's got a huge (adorable!) smile on his face...

(Present Fuji thinks to himself, "There was never a match I looked forward to more than that one. And yet...")

It's the day of their match. Tezuka's holding his racket in his left hand. "Left hand...he's serious. That makes me happy," Fuji thinks. But Tezuka keeps missing the ball, and he's obviously not at the top of his game. Fuji asks if he's ok, and he insists that he is. "Something's wrong...there's no power in his returns. This isn't the Tezuka I know," Fuji thinks. Tezuka tries to return a ball, and collapses in pain. Fuji runs over and says he must not have been in top condition, afterall...

"I've lost," Tezuka says. Fuji angrily confronts him, asking him why he risked injury: "Why don't you take care of yourself more?"

"Because we promised. And I told you...I wanted to play you too." Fuji grabs him by the shirt and yells that keeping a promise in this manner doesn't make him happy in the least. "I'm sorry..." Tezuka says.

They're walking home together in the pretty twilight, and they make promise to play one another again when Tezuka is fully healed.

* End flashback *

"But we never played again...Why is that?" Fuji thinks to hiself. "At one point, your arm had healed, and if we wanted, we could have played anytime... Maybe I was afraid...afraid to find out who was really stronger." Fuji hits a Tsubame Gaeshi, but it heads into Tezuka zone. Fuji's really losing his momentum now. Tezuka breaks Fuji's service game. 3-2.

"If we played a match, it would have determined who was better...maybe I didn't want that," Fuji thinks. "We were good teammates...and classmates at times." He remembers all the times they had spent together...

* Flashback *

Tezuka is leaving the hospital, and Fuji is waiting for him outside. (They are apparently now in 2nd year, as their II pin notes). Tezuka had just come from his check-up. Fuji had seen him go into the hospital and decided to wait for him to see if everything was ok.

"You should've waited inside," Tezuka says. Fuji replies that he didn't want to get in patients' way... and besides, he was thinking.


"If we had gone to different schools, what would have happened?"

"That's what you were thinking?"

"We may have met in a tournament someplace, and might have had an all-out match."


"Which do you think would've been better? Being in the same school like this? Or being enemies on different teams?"

"I don't know...it's not my taste to wonder about such things."

"That's very like you." Fuji suddenly stops. "Tezuka."


"It's snowing." Fuji asks him if he's going to Yukiyama again this year, and Tezuka replies that it's likely. "I want to climb it too...with everyone else." Tezuka says, "if we get the chance.." He walks off.

Fuji looks at his back as he walks away, and thinks to himself, "Tezuka...if I am with you, I feel like I could climb to whatever heights..." He runs up to catch up. "What's wrong?" Tezuka says. "Nothing..." Fuji opens his umbrella and they walk off together under it....

* End flashback *

Back in the present, it's 4-2. The teammates remark that they didn't think it would be so one-sided. "Hey! Fuji! Get it together!" Kikumaru yells at him. "This might be the first and last time you'll ever play against each other while on the same team!"

Fuji realizes that Kikumaru's right...they are 3rd years, afterall. "To lose like this...I'd have too many regrets." His play has become much sharper. Tezuka smashes, and Fuji returns it with a killer Higuma Otoshi, winning the point. The teammates look on in awe.

"He has come," Ryuzaki thinks.

Tezuka: "Fuji...the sleeping lion has awakened..."

Next Week: Climax

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