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Yukimura is a wonderful character that has lots of potential... His name is quite fitting to his character as well. "Yuki" is the kanji for peace or happiness, and "mura" means village. I think this reflects the serenity of his nature very well.

The more interesting part about his name is the fact that it stems from the historic Japanese war hero, Sanada Yukimura. A brilliant tactician and expert in the art of war, he almost led a successful campaign against the then-shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. He is ultimately betrayed and meets a tragic end. I think it's interesting indeed, that the powerhouse tennis team Rikkaidai's Captain (Yukimura) and Vice Captain (Sanada) are named after this true life hero.

"Sei" means soul or life force. This of course, speaks to Yukimura's passionate feelings toward tennis, and his incredible will to overcome his suffering to become greater than he is. Ichi is a common ending for a boy's name.

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Friday, March 18, 2005

* Yugioh GX 24 *

Yugioh GX Ep 24: Revival! Manjoume Thunder!


At long last!! He returns!! Manjoume-san-daaa....Thunder!!! XD I must say that never before has there been a GX episode I anticipated more than this one, and it truly delivered. I loved every minute of it! I've loved Manjoume ever since the first episode (it's one of those "You had me at hello" moments...lol), and really, the show is just not the same without him. He had too long of an absence... It's funny if you think about it...out of all the characters besides Judai, he's dueled a grand total of 3 times...which is a lot! (Though still not enough by me..) That makes me think that the story writers love this character as much as I do.

There was plenty of Manjoume-isms in this episode to make me very happy indeed. I fell over laughing every time he said, "Manjoume-san da!" ("It's Manjoume SAN!!") which was quite often. Not to mention the classic line, "Just who do you think I am??" I swear, every one of my all-time favorite characters say that line at one point or another.

I don't know what that says about me...hehehe...

This episode was actually quite funny, which I wasn't expecting. The whole Ojama yellow thing was hilarious! I liked Manjoume's interaction with the guy, and it really showed his personality. And I also loved that moment where he chose to give his 40th card to the man, at the cost of his own ticket into the North school. It goes to show that Manjoume, despite his toughness, is really just a softy on the inside. What a cutie!!

And for tormenting my cutie...shame on you, Judai!

Note: Thanks to Horoko for card translations...I was too lazy to look up the names...lol.


So the episode opens with Manjoume stranded on a sinking boat. (It's really odd...how did this happen? It's not explained. Anyway, it's halfway submerged in the water...how is that?) "Damn you, Chronos...Misawa Daichi...Yuki Judai!" He's pretty bitter. An imaginary Judai appears above him: "I won! That was a fun duel!" "Shut up!!" Manjoume yells at him, and Judai looks surprised. "Yeah yeah, you must be living it up over there..."

He puts on his duel disk and says with determination that the next time they duel, HE'S going to be victorious. Imaginary Judai is impressed, and says it's a good thing he's really hyped! Manjoume takes a swing at him, but his arm cuts through the air. He cackles, then reaches for his water bottle. His water is running low. Judai appears again, and smiles, saying: "Come on, Manjoume...hurry home! Duel with me!" "Gah!" Manjoume throws his water bottle at the cursed illusion, and then he realizes his mistake. He lunges after the bottle, and ends up taking a nose dive into the waters below... He curses Judai's name as he loses consciousness...

He's washed up somewhere dark and damp. A yellow glow appears, and a voice calls to him. It's a squeeky voice that addresses him as "Aniki" (big brother), and it appears as a really weird looking thing in a bikini, and it begs Manjoume to wake up. It rubs his butt in his face... (I thought this was a kid's show??) Manjoume grabs it, and it disappears. "So you've finally awakened," a man says. Manjoume wakes up and faces a strange man in a mask, who's covered in seaweed. "Who the hell are you?"

The man says his name is unimportant. He's holding a bunch of cards, and asks Manjoume if he's a duelist. "That's my deck! Give it back!" The man replies that it's soaked through and ruined, and he drops them into a puddle. "You geezer!" The man tosses him a card, saying it's a gift from him. It's Ojama yellow. Manjoume's disgusted, and tries to throw it away, but the man objects. "You will regret it if you throw it away," he says, rather ominously. He continues, "You were being tormented in your sleep...kept murmuring names, like Chronos and Judai.."

Manjoume looks away: "To think I've come to this..." (He addresses himself as "ore-sama" ^_^) The man says, "You want to be strong, don't you?" Judai appears again, and gloats: "Didn't I tell you? I'm number 1." Manjoume angrily responds, "Of course! Show me a man who DOESN'T want to be strong!" (Wooo hoo! That's what I'm talkin about!) The man then says, "Are you willing to put in the effort, then?"

Manjoume: "Effort? Who do you think I am?? I am Manjoume Jun...Manjoume-san!!" XD

The man is a little flabbergasted, saying that he wants to be strong, yet doesn't want to put in the effort..."and yet, I sense some abilities in you that other people lack. Very well...I will take you to a good place." Water pours in from the roof over Manjoume, and he gets blasted out of the vessel, on shore.

He's landed on some icy island. He spots a tall building in the distances, and realizes that the man is planning on testing him. "Hmph. Fine." He straightens out his collar. "Don't underestimate Manjoume Jun!" He arrives at the gate, and pounds on it, demanding entry. There's no response. A man is sitting by the gate next to a campfire, and he explains that to enter the North school (which is behind the gate), one must have 40 cards. Manjoume says he lost his deck on the way here. The man says that cards are scattered in perilous places throughout the island, and he only managed to collect 39. He's been stuck outside for quite sometime. Manjoume says "so you've despaired," and he fishes out a credit card from his shirt pocket and says, "Why don't you sell me those cards?" (Hehehe....rich boy!! FYI, the card is an "Anix" card, and his name is spelt "Manjoume Jun" on it).

The man says he couldn't possibly part with them...they are his life! "Hmph. Fine then, I'll take care of myself." He walks off to find cards. As he's climbing cliffs and such, he says, "Just you wait...Judai! I'm never gonna be a drop out!!"

He returns, a little run down, but with success. "Are you still here, old man?" He says to the guy outside. He tells him that he fought polar bears and vampire bats to get his deck together. (I love his expression when he's running from the polar bear!)

The man is really happy to see him, and says that he actually regretted not giving him his cards...because he realized that a young man like Manjoume shouldn't end up washed-up, like him. Manjoume looks a little surprised, and somewhat taken. "Now, enter the gates!" the man says. I think Manjoume felt rather sorry for the man, because he says that the two of them are going in together...because he will give him one of his cards. "But if you did that...!" the man says, surprised. "Don't mistake me...I've got 41 cards." Manjoume says. He grabs his Ojama yellow ("useless to me") and tries to give it over, but his hand keeps swinging away. "Hey, I thought you said you were giving me card??" the man looks confused.

"My arm...it keeps moving on its own!" Ojama yellow pops out and whines, asking why Aniki wants to get rid of it. "Who are you?" Manjoume says. The man looks confused, as he can't see the thing, and Ojama says that only Manjoume can see it. "I've got real siblings, and I'm looking for them...help me find them!" it pleads. A really frustrated Manjoume puts the card back in his deck, and he hands the man another card. The man thanks him. "What is your name?" he asks.

"My name is Manjoume...Manjoume Jun!"

The man says they should go in together, but Manjoume says he's tired and going to rest for a while. "Thank you, you're such a nice guy!" the man says. "Shut up, or I'll take my card back," Manjoume responds. "Now go."

He plops down beside the fire, and says, "Damn...now I'm one card short..." Judai appears again, and laughs, saying "Manjoume...you're really a nice guy!" "Shut up!" Manjoume takes a swing at him. And looks down to see that there's a card on the ground. It is Chaos End...

Now with 40 cards, Manjoume gains entry into the academy. He walks in, and it looks like a old Western town. The man who entered earlier is being thrown out of a building. Manjoume runs up to him and asks what's happened. The students of North school begin milling around them. One of them, "King," is sitting in a rocking chair, and he explains that by the rules of this academy, new students must duel against all 50 students, beginning with the lowest ranking one. Only after beating all of them can they duel him, the king. If you lose, that is what your rank is...for at this school, powers speaks for everything. "Fine, bring it on!" Manjoume says, as he hasn't dueled in a while, and is itching for a challenge. The lowest ranking guy comes up and says he's his first opponent. He addresses Manjoume as "temee" ("you" in a very rude manner).
Manjoume: "Not temee...I am...ichi! Juu! Hyaku! Sen! Manjoume...san-da!!!"

He easily wipes the floor with the first 46 opponents. (In the first duel, he activates Limiter Removal on Death Scissors to finish his opponent). All the other duels aren't shown, except the part where his oppoents fall miserably in a dramatic explosion of dust and smoke... The final four claim that they will not allow Manjoume to get a piece of their King. Manjoume takes the challenge, saying it's too bothersome to fight them individually: "I'll take you all on at once!"

First guy summons Marauding Captain, and activates his special ability and summons another Marauding Captain. The other three guys also play the same monster, and there are eventually 8 captains on the field. When there is more than one of these on the field, the opponent cannot target this monster in battle. Manjoume smirks and draws. He sets two m/t, and summons Giant Rat in defense. His opponents mock his weak monster. But Manjoume says...

"I can see it...your duel. As I was surviving out there and finding my cards, I was thinking up different ways to work around the limitations of a weak deck...and strategies on maximizing their worth." Ojama says: "You're so cool! You must be talking about me, right?" Manjoume looks annoyed, and tells him, "Don't be stupid! Duel is power! Weak cards can't win over stronger ones! What I learned is that small fry are useable in their own small-fry kind of way!" His giant rat looks really hurt by this comment...aww....

His opponents are weirded out, because it looks to them like he's arguing with himself.. The first guy's turn comes around again, and he activates United Army, which lets him raise one warrior type monster's atk by 200 for every warrior on the field. His Marauding Captain goes up to 2800. He attacks and destroys the rat. Manjoume activates the rat's effect, and summons one earth type monster with less than 1500 atk from his deck. He summons Gyaku-gire Panda (atk: 800), and activates its effect - for every monster on opponent's field, increase atk by 500. It increases to 4800. He activates his trap card destruction ring on Panda. His opponents think he's planning on going down with the rest of them, but he activates Defense Ring, protecting his LP. (Hmmm...this looks familiar...lol) All his opponents are annihilated in one sweeping move. Go, Manjoume!!

"Now...you're the only one left!" Manjoume points at the king. The King finallys steps up for his duel. Judai appears again, and says: "He looks pretty strong! Are you gonna be ok, Manjoume?" ("It's Manjoume-san!!") He says he's seen Manjoume's dueling and has seen through all his tactics.

* Duel *

King: Activates two Devil's Sanctuary to summon two devil tokens. He sacrifices them to summon Devilzoa (atk: 2600). He sets two m/t. "Now...taste your defeat...Manjoume!"

"It's Manjoume-san!!"

Manjoume: He draws. It's Ojama yellow. "YOU AGAIN??" Ojama's intimidated by King, and whines about how it doesn't look good. He says being number 2 isn't so bad, right?? Manjoume says, "Shut up! Quit your yammering and go fight!" He summons his "small fry" in def (def: 1000). "Noooo!!" the creature says... Sets two m/t.

King: Activates trap card, Metal Conversion - Magic Reflex Armor on his Devilzoa. He sacrifices it to summon Metal Devilzoa (atk: 3000). He then activates Call of the Living Dead (that's Manjoume's staple card!!) to summon back Devilzoa. Manjoume says "Hmph...interesting." King attacks with Devilzoa and destroys Ojama. ("Aniki...you dummy!!" it screams before being destroyed). Manjoume thinks to himself that he's got one combo that King hasn't seen... "I have to rely on that!" Direct attack from Metal Devilzoa. (Manjoume LP: 1000). King says he's good as gone, but Manjoume replies: "Are you sure about that? I was waiting for this." He activates instant magic Hell Tempest. When he takes over 3000 LP damage, he can activate this card, and remove every monster card from both people's deck and grave. "You say you know my strategies inside and out? Then I'll remove all my monsters from my deck!"

King taunts that "Manjoume" must've given up.

"It's Manjoume-san!!"

Manjoume: "Kisama...you had better regret having challenged ME, Manjoume Jun!!" He activates Chaos End, destroying all monsters on opponent's field when more than 7 cards of his own are removed from the game. He then activates trap card Return from a Different Dimension, special summoning as many monsters removed as possible. He summons 4 monsters with 1000 atk (one of them is the Scissors thing...the rest I don't recognize), and Ojama. Ojama looks all proud, but bursts into tears with Manjoume tells "You, with zero attack points" to take a hike.

He attacks directly for the win. ("Go! Manjoume Thunder Special!!!") Yay!!!

* End duel *

A strange man approaches..."it seems a new king is born..." He's got the same mask as that guy he met after he drowned. It turns out he's the same guy who was pretending to be stuck outside the school with only 39 cards. He's the principal of the school, Ichinose. Manjoume demands an explanation. It turns out that the vessel that picked him up was the school's submarine, and he saved him because the Ojama guys found Manjoume. He had predicted that a first year would become the reprentative from their school, and thus had already told Duel Acadamia about this...and therefore, Acadamia has also chosen a first year.... Manjoume's surprised that he had predicted that he would become the new king. The man replies, "Didn't I tell you? That I detected a different kind of power from you."

Manjoume asks who he'll be fighting, and he says...Yuki Judai.

As the students all bow before their new king, Manjoume revels in this opportunity to crush Judai once and for all. The episode ends as Manjoume cackles with delight...

Next Week: vs. Manjoume Thunder! (part 1) The Fearsome Armored Dragon!

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