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Yukimura is a wonderful character that has lots of potential... His name is quite fitting to his character as well. "Yuki" is the kanji for peace or happiness, and "mura" means village. I think this reflects the serenity of his nature very well.

The more interesting part about his name is the fact that it stems from the historic Japanese war hero, Sanada Yukimura. A brilliant tactician and expert in the art of war, he almost led a successful campaign against the then-shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. He is ultimately betrayed and meets a tragic end. I think it's interesting indeed, that the powerhouse tennis team Rikkaidai's Captain (Yukimura) and Vice Captain (Sanada) are named after this true life hero.

"Sei" means soul or life force. This of course, speaks to Yukimura's passionate feelings toward tennis, and his incredible will to overcome his suffering to become greater than he is. Ichi is a common ending for a boy's name.

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

* Yugioh GX 33 *

Yugioh GX Ep 33: Shine! Shining Flare Wingman


I am a blogging maniac today! Do you love me or what? ^___^

So I finally got around to watching this episode a few minutes ago. They certainly concluded the angst from last episode rather nicely and swiftly, though I expected to see it linger for a little while longer, perhaps. But then again, when the duel involves Judai and lives at stake, you already know what's got to happen.

Carmulla's actually a sympathetic character, and I felt a bit sorry that she had to go. Hm.

But I was happy to see everyone back and safe! Now, on to next week, where they all go to the hotsprings! XDD (must...contain...Manjoume fangirl inside...)


An ominous cloud hangs over Duel Acadamia, as Sameshima looks out the window from his office. Two keys have already been taken, and the gates are beginning to open. The principal expresses concern over these developments. A sinister shadowy figure materializes on his TV screen to speak to him. The voice says that Sameshima should just give up and hand over the remaining five keys, but the principal adamantly insists that it's not over until the final combo has been played. "It's not my problem then, if everyone falls prey to the vampire...mwa ha ha..." the figure says before disappearing from the screen.

Over at the infirmary, Judai is having a rough time trying to sleep. Asuka watches over him and her brother, and despairs over Ryou. Her brother has finally returned, but now Ryou is the one who has been taken. The pendant around Fubuki's neck begins to glow, and his hand twitches. His eyes flutter open...

At the lake shore, Shou and Hayato are begging Daitokuji to save Ryou, because he's an expert in the shadow game. But Daitokuji insists that teaching and doing are quite different, and he's very reluctant...not to mention frightened out of his wits. Manjoume and Misawa are already waiting by the red carpet.

"Everyone...good for you for seeing off Manjoume Thunder," Manjoume says in a calm voice. Misawa says that logically, he should be the next to duel. But Asuka drives up in a speed boat to stop them. She says that only one person can duel Carmulla - Judai. Judai steps out of the boat, seemingly in better health. There's a flashback to the scene from the infirmary just as Fubuki wakes up. Fubuki had told them that Carmulla is ruthless even among the Seven Stars, and that to defeat her, you must have control over the shadow game. Judai now has Fubuki's half of the pendant as well, and he's prepared to challenge Carmulla.

Asuka says that though they don't understand the shadow games, there is no doubt that they exist. "You are right..." Manjoume says, looking down at the Chronos doll in his pocket. "Yes, true..." the doll squeaks.

They proceed into the castle, and Judai announces his presence. Carmulla is waiting for them. The duel begins...

* DUEL *

Judai: Fusion summons Tempester (atk: 2800) (wow, right from the start! Recall that Tempester is: Bubbleman, Featherman and Sparkman). The kids remark that he's going full speed from the very beginning, and Daitokuji nods, saying Judai plans to crush her before that killer card is played. Judai sets one m/t.

Carmulla: Activates Gate of Illusions. She tries to use all the souls of the peanut gallery as sacrifices to the card, and a dark cloud sweeps over them. She's quite certain that Judai couldn't choose their souls to be lost over winning. But Judai's pendant clasps together, forming one piece. A piercing light shines from it, and it drives out the dark cloud, negating the shadowy effects of Carmulla's shadow item (her choker). So she must sacrifice her own soul to the card (if she loses the duel), because the card is already in play. She destroys Tempester and then regains control over it, summoning it to her field. She summons Werewolf (atk: 1200) and attacks directly with Tempester. (Judai LP: 1200). The kids realize that if Werewolf's attack goes through, Judai's done for.

"He rushed the duel and made a mistake!" Manjoume says.

Judai activates trap card Cross Heart, which can be activated when he receives battle damage from his opponent. It allows him to gain control of the attacking monster. Tempester returns to his field.

"Hmph...that Judai has managed to survive it," Manjoume remarks, impressed.

"Seem so," Chronos doll squeaks.

Judai: Attacks and destroys Werewolf with Tempester. (Carmulla LP: 2400). She activates Werewolf's effect and special summons another Werewolf from her deck at +500 atk for a total of 1700. He sets one m/t.

"LP are at 1200 and 2400...the outcome has become uncertain," Daitokuji says. Shou looks back at him with a confused look, saying that it appears that he (Daitokuji) is enjoying himself too much. "Eh?? That's not true!" he says.

Carmulla: Activates Pot of Greed. She says that Judai hasn't experienced the true dangerousness of vampires: their immortality. She sacrifices Werewolf to summon Vampire Lord. She removes him from the game to special summon Vampire Genesis (atk: 3000). (Geez, doesn't she have any other moves? And how is this combo possible duel after duel? *rolls eyes*) She activates continuous magic Genesis Crisis, which lets her bring one undead monster from deck to hand once per turn. She takes this monster card and discard to grave to activate Genesis's effect: discard one undead monster from deck to grave in order to special summon one lower level monster of same subtype from grave. She special summons Werewolf. She activates Hurricane so all m/t on field return to players' hands (to stop Tempester's effect of escaping destruction by sacrificing one card from field).

They are all surprised that she seems to know so much about everyone's decks, and she tells them that her bats have reported everything to her. "Don't say I'm cruel...the battle has begun even before the duel," she laughs.

She attacks and destroys Tempester with Genesis, then attacks directly with Werewolf. This should've been the end for Judai, but the trap card that returned to his hand can be activated when it returns to the player's hand. This card (Insurance) raises the player's LP by 500 upon activation. (Judai LP: 300).

She activates Genesis Crisis one more time and ends.

Judai tells Carmulla that she's strong enough, and shouldn't have to rely on the shadow powers to duel. But she says dueling has no meaning for her. There's a flashback to medival times, when vampires still existed. She says that humans hated her kind, and hunted them down and killed them off. She despaired, and went into an eternal slumber. But one day, a shadowy figure appeared to her, and told her that she could use the power of the shadow game to bring back her brethren.

She says that each doll she collects brings her closer to reviving her loved ones. Thus, defeat is not an option, and she will use any means necessary to win. And that once vampires have revived, they will exact revenge upon humankind. Judai realizes that there is much more at stake here than he imagined. But he says he cannot lose, either, for there is much on the line for his friends as well.

Judai: Activates Pot of Greed. Activates Dark Assembly Line, which lets him bring two normal monsters from his grave to his hand. He chooses Featherman and Sparkman. Activates field magic Fusion Gate. Fusion summons Flame Wingman, then does an additional fusion with Flame Wingman and Sparkman to summon Shining Flare Wingman (atl: 2500).

Carmulla is shocked, because she doesn't remember seeing this card before. Judai says that he put it in his deck as a spur of the moment thing, because he thought it was fitting to use a shining monster to fight a shadow game.

Shining Flare Wingman's effect boosts his atk by 300 for every E-Hero in the grave. There's two (Tempester and Bubbleman), bringing him to 3100. Judai declares that dark monsters - vampires - become ash with the morning light. "Go! Shine upon them with the ultimate light! Shining Shoot!" He attacks and destroys Genesis, destroying Werewolf in the process because of Genesis Crisis's effect. Shining Flare Wingman has the same effect as Flame Wingman - inflict LP damage equal to the atk of monsters it destroys. Carmulla is toast.

* End Duel *

The Gate rises up behind her, and opens. A clawed hand reaches out and grabs her by the neck, pulling out her soul and dragging it into its door, screaming. Carmulla's empty shell of a body shudders and turns to dust, as the Ryou doll and her choker fall to the ground.

Judai looks on in horror: "Are you serious??"

The Ryou doll transforms back into its human form...and meanwhile, Chronos has also been revived, and he's clinging to a very annoyed looking Manjoume. "Senor Manjoume!" he pleads. "Get the hell off of me!" Manjoume yells, as the group makes a break for it - for the castle is crumbling to the ground.

By the lake shore again, and the sky clears up, bringing sunlight and peace back to the scenery. Asuka remarks that it was like watching a nightmare...

"It was no nightmare..." Judai says as he looks at the choker that Misawa hands to him. "And more dangerous people will come..."

Next episode: The Heart of the Traveler! Blue Eyes White Dragon

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