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Name: Yukimura Seiichi
Anime: Prince of Tennis


Yukimura is a wonderful character that has lots of potential... His name is quite fitting to his character as well. "Yuki" is the kanji for peace or happiness, and "mura" means village. I think this reflects the serenity of his nature very well.

The more interesting part about his name is the fact that it stems from the historic Japanese war hero, Sanada Yukimura. A brilliant tactician and expert in the art of war, he almost led a successful campaign against the then-shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. He is ultimately betrayed and meets a tragic end. I think it's interesting indeed, that the powerhouse tennis team Rikkaidai's Captain (Yukimura) and Vice Captain (Sanada) are named after this true life hero.

"Sei" means soul or life force. This of course, speaks to Yukimura's passionate feelings toward tennis, and his incredible will to overcome his suffering to become greater than he is. Ichi is a common ending for a boy's name.

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Friday, January 28, 2005

* Mai HiME 17 *

Mai Hime Ep 17: Lips that Lie

This week's episode was chock full of too much! I was getting dizzy by the end of the episode. But at least we're beginning to learn more and more about what's truly going on, though there still are some unanswered questions. But everything seems to be coming all at once. Other than the intensity of the information coming in, this was a great episode, with lots of emotions running high. No Hime fighting action yet, but it seems to be inevitable...

FYI, this story moves back and forth from flashback to present. I've put the flashbacks in italics. Hope it's not too hard to follow. ^_^


Story begins with Mashiro visiting these really old women - presumably the elders that she was heading toward in the car last episode. The women praise Mashiro on being able to defeat the Searrs organization, but warn that the worst is yet to come. "The star comes closer, and world is beginning to waiver. We shall not let things come to pass as they will it. We shall guide the Hime and succeed in our quest....The Kokuyou's kimi shall soon awaken. The more the tears of the fighting maidens, the greater the joy of the other kimi." (note: Kokuyou might refer to a name, or a location. I'm not sure yet. Kimi means prince or princess. I leave it as is because I don't know which gender they're refering to).

Akane, who has awakened, tells Natsuki over the phone what a Hime must truly sacrifice....

The following day, they are back in class and Midori is lecturing, while Mai thinks upon the events of the night before:

They demand an explanation from Nagi. "Simple...you must fight amongst yourselves." He says the Child is something they created from the love in their hearts. "But don't get so serious. You're only going to fight among the Children." Natsuki confronts him with the truth - that if the Child dies, the person most important to the Hime disappears. "Exactly. You've done your homework. But remember, I already told you about this." The girls now understand what really happened to Kazu...

Nagi continues, saying that if the Hime herself is defeated, so is her Child, thus the person they love. "So you have no choice but fight...and win."

Yukariko is praying at the church, and Ishigami comes to see her. She looks upset, like she's been "forsaken by God," and Ishigami comforts her.

Nao also contemplates on the night before. She's determined to survive this.

Midori continues her research on the Hime. She's hoping that there's an explanation for this...that Nagi's wrong, or that even if he's right, there has to be a way around it. She gets an email from a person named Sasaki, who says s/he's sending the documents Midori requested, and that s/he's looking forward to seeing her thesis.

More flashbacks to Nagi:

"Haven't you noticed that?" he points up to the red star, which has gotten bigger. "The Hime Star. Even now, it is nearing this earth." He explains that the only thing that can stop it is the one Hime who remains, and her Child. (Hehe...for those of you who read memento's anime blog, mentar seems to be right about his prediction of this becoming "Hime-lander": there can only be one). He explains that before that star crashes into the Earth, they must chose that Hime amongst themselves. If they cannot, then the world will be destroyed. Mai asks why they must sacrifice so much. He says that is their destiny...but in return, the Hime who remains will be blessed with great powers.

Mai wants to confirm things with Mashiro, but she's still not back yet. Midori, Yukino, Mai and Mikoto chat for a moment about the new revelations. They're worried about it, but Midori assures them that all will be ok if they stick together. They also contemplate how there are likely 2 other Hime they don't know about. Mai says that's ok...those girls are probably not stupid enough to cause in-fighting. "It's ok, I will protect you all," Mikoto says. Mai remembers what Nagi said about putting the most important thing on the line, and she thinks of Takumi...

Takumi is in bed, as Akira thinks upon what Nagi told her (lots of thinking in this episode). "Father, did you know that Hime must fight among ourselves? Is this why you told me I must kill anyone who found out I'm a girl?" Takumi wakes up, and she asks him if he's ok. Flashback to last night:

"Now that you know I'm a girl...I have to kill you!"

"Ok...that's ok. If that will help you. Up until now, if it weren't for you, I'd be... Besides, I'm used to giving up...and really, I just don't want to suffer any more. I couldn't say anything up until now, but my sister...that's why..."

Akira raises her weapon...but instead, she grabs Takumi's pills, and gives them to him. He coughs them out, so she pop them in her mouth and gives them to him mouth-to-mouth. Takumi is surprised, and asks why...

"Idiot! Don't say so easily that you want to die! I...I've always hated that part about you!" She bursts into tears and holds him...

Back in the present, she apologizes to him. "No, I'm sorry...I should'v knocked," he replies. She turns beet red, and tells him to forget it...it was just an illusion.

Moments later, Mai has come to visit Takumi, and she thanks Akira for caring for him. Mai thinks to herself that she'll protect him.

Yukariko is in Ishigami's office. He gives her a cup of coffee. He tells her it's good coffee, as he's got as much confidence in his brew as he does in his art work. She takes a drink...

Mai and Mikoto are walking outside. Reito catches up with them. He says he's thought she's been trying to avoid him lately. He apologizes for trying to kiss her without thinking of what her feelings are. He notes that she likes Tate, afterall... She denies it, but also says there are too many other things going on right now... She gets interrupted by a phone call, and whatever it is, she rushes off.

Meanwhile, Yukariko is completely passed out on a sofa, with a menacing looking Ishigami towering over her...

Mai has gone to the hospital to hear news that a donor's been found for Takumi. She's really excited by this news. As she's leaving the hospital, she bumps into Tate, and they go to the rooftop for a conversation. Looks like the surgery will be in America... He apologizes to her for getting on her case, when he never realized how much she was trying to accomplish, not just with her brother's illness, but with the whole Hime business. He had felt powerless during the school takeover, and only succeeded in abandoning Shiho, who ended up getting hurt. He feels guilty for having left her behind. "She's always been with me since we were growing up...and to be honest, I sometimes thought she was pest. But...that's why I...." There seems to be some kind of tacit understanding between Mai and Tate. She nods, and wishes him luck...he does likewise.

As she's leaving the grounds, she sees the playground area where she and Tate had a moment together that rainy day a while ago. She cries, and wipes away the tears as she thinks, "Something..in my eye."

Shiho observes Mai leaving from her window. She asks Tate when he comes back whether he saw anybody but he denies it. She doesn't seem to believe him...

Nagi's in the library, and says to himself, "Now...the young lord of Kokuyou must be awakened."

Elsewhere, a shadowy figure reaches out and picks up a necklace from the table. It's the same one Mikoto always carries). It almost looks like Reito, but we don't get a complete face shot.

Meanwhile, Mai's walking home in the dark. She remembers Nagi's words: "You must fight...it is your unavoidable destiny. That's why you exist." She senses something eerie, and she turns around... A ghostly figure in a kimono materializes. The figure mumbles something (a name?) and a strange crow-looking creature (Child?) appears behind it. "A Hime??" Mai says.

Nagi says..."And so it begins."

Next week: Beginning

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

* Prince of Tennis 168-69 *

Since when have I become your student, Mizuki-san? Tezuka, everything ok?
So that's what he looks like I'm not going
What'd I tell ya?? Fond memories

Prince of Tennis Ep 168-69: Ryoma's Decision - Wavering Feelings

Today's double episode was slightly angsty... Ryoma has to decide whether to participate in the US Open, or go to Nationals with Seigaku. Although he says his choice is for the Nationals, there seems to be a little hesitation in his decision. This rare opportunity to play with the pros isn't something that should be given up so easily. This episode was slightly slow considering the gravity of the situation, but I think it was deliberately paced this way to extend our suspense. Once again, I'm left dangling until next week... T.T


This double episode begins on the second day of the qualifying matches at Seigaku. Inoue and Shiba discuss the info they just received the day before about Ryoma being in the US Open, and agree that it's unfortunate he wouldn't be able to do Nationals as a result. They catch up with him at the water fountain and ask him about the Open, but he has no idea what they're talking about. Tezuka overhears them, and wants an explanation. Ryoma's at a loss...but then thinks of his dad, and it all comes together. He tries to take off immediately, but Tezuka reminds him that he's got a match that afternoon. In the bushes, Mizuki has been spying, and he's dragged a reluctant Yuuta with him. He's overheard everything...

Back to the qualifying matches, Inui is up against Kikumaru. They both go at it in a long drawn out match. Inui notes how Kikumaru has always been defying his data, never playing in a predictable manner. At one point, Inui dives for the ball and drop his glasses, cracking them. (And whoa, you actually see his eye!) The games goes into a tiebreaker. At Inui's match point, he's diving for the ball again, and his lens shatters. He barely manages to hit the ball over the net, for a 7-6 win.

Meanwhile, Ryoma has beaten his opponent 6-0 in under 10 minutes, and rushes back home to demand an explanation from his father. His father explains he only replied on Ryoma's behalf, since he'd been too busy to do it himself. "It's already decided. Hurry up and prepare to go to the States." Ryoma says with determination that he doesn't want to go...

It's the third day of qualifying rounds, and the regulars are all gathered around gossiping about Ryoma entering the US Open. (Horio had overheard this from the reporters). Momo insists that Ryoma will be going with them to Nationals. Sakuno also hears the news, and is feeling conflicted...

Ryoma himself finally appears, and the whole team anxiously looks at him... "I'm going to Nationals," he tells them. Momo and Kikumaru rejoice, but the other regulars aren't so sure it's a good idea, since the US Open would be such a golden opportunity for him. Even Tezuka tells him that sometimes, people make decisions they think are correct now, only to regret them later. "You still have time...think it through," he tells him.

Fudomine's team show up for some observation. They ask about Ryoma & the Open...it seems Mizuki's big mouth has been keeping the gossip mill running. ^_^;; Tezuka faces off in his match against a very scared looking teammate. After acing his first serve, it looks like Tezuka's back in form. "Yudansezu ni ikou," he says.

Sakuno is practicing against a wall with the tennis ball with Ryoma's face drawn on it. Ryoma walks by and picks up the ball. "Can I keep this?" he asks her. "It brings back good memories." Sakuno finally works up the nerve to ask him if he's really going to forego the US Open. "Are you sure that's ok?"

"Of course," he says...

Sakuno thinks to herself that perhaps he actually wants to go to America...

Rating: A little angsty, but good!

Next Week: Burn, Echizen!
It looks like Momo vs. Ryoma! But for some reason, Ryoma doesn't have his heart in the game...

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

* Yugioh GX 17 *

The coveted Egg Bread Gah! My draw is as bad as my hair!!
DUEL! Hehe...I like this kind of cartoon humor...a flattened Featherman

Yugioh GX Ep 17: Draw! Draw! Draw!

Today's episode was almost as bad as last week's, if not more so. Actually, that's probably not fair to say. I wouldn't call these episodes "bad" exactly, but they're just not as fun as the other GX episodes. Today we had another episodic throw-away story, that really had nothing to do with much of anything except, I suppose, to show more of what "life at Duel Acadamia" is like. I could honestly do without...unless it's like the tennis episode, which introduced a fun new character and an interesting deck / duel. These last two weeks have been disappointing. But next week will bring some fans back from the original Yugioh, I'm sure! We get to see Yugi's old deck in action, and the duel king himself makes an appearance?? XD


So the episode starts off with Judai running to the school store to try to nab that day's tamago pan (egg bread). It turns out that the store sells mystery bread in unmarked packages, and students get to choose one randomly, hoping to draw the kind of bread they want. The most sought after kind is egg bread, made from a golden egg which the school hen (what kind of school keeps hens??) lays only once a day. Judai has the best track record, having drawn the egg bread every day for a whole week! But lately, he hasn't had much luck... Shou and Judai spot Asuka with two breads in her hand, and they ask her if she likes egg bread too. She denies it, saying she's only trying to improve the luck of her draw. (Why's it so embarassing to like egg bread? Hmmm.)

Tome, the school store lady, comes in to apologize, saying the egg bread is gone for the day. If fact, somebody has been coming in at night and stealing the egg bread every day for the last week. The kids marvel at the thief's ability to pick out just the egg bread, and surmise that he must have some "draw" power.

That night, Judai, Shou, Asuka, Hayato and Tome all stake out the store in hopes of catching the thief red-handed. (Asuka secretly hopes that this may be a missing student, much like her brother, and that he may have some information to help her find him).

After a little wait, sure enough, some Tarzan-looking bulky guy strides in to steal the egg bread. The kids try to aprehend him, but he makes a retreat through the forest (hollaring and swinging on vines like Tarzan.. ^_^;;;) Tome appears to have recognized the boy.

The kids take a short cut and manage to cut him off, and they confront him. He tries to escape by climbing up a waterfall, but he hears Tome calling out his name, and he gets distracted, taking a plunge into the river below. It turns out that this boy is Taizan, a student from Obelisk blue who disappeared about a year ago. Tome remembers how the kid always tried and failed to draw the daily egg bread. (Taizan from a year ago had a really. really. bad. hair. cut. Looks much better as a Tarzan if you asked me). Anyways, he hated how his luck of the draw sucked (e.g., he would draw a trap card when his opponent had Psycho Shocker on the field). So he went into the wilderness to understand the nature of the draw. Apparently, the inevitableness of the draw and mother nature has some connection, in his mind. As a test to check his new draw abilities, he had come down to see if he could snag the egg bread.

Judai challenges him to a duel, saying that by dueling him, he could test his new found ability.

* Duel *

Judai: Summons E-Hero Featherman in attack. Sets one m/t card and ends.

Taizan: Sets one m/t card. Summons Drawer in attackk. This monster's atk/def is determined by the number of cards you take from your hand and return to you deck x 500. He returns all 4 cards in his hand, so Drawer has 2000 atk. He attacks and destroys Featherman. (Judai LP: 3000). Atk mode monsters destroyed by this monster go to the bottom of your deck.

Judai: Fusion summons Rampart Gunner in defense (He does this cool flippy thing with his Fusion card ^_^). He activates its ability for direct attack of 1000. (Taizan LP: 3000).

Taizan: Activates continuous trap card Miraculous Draw. Before his draw phase, he has to guess the card that's coming. If correct, deal 1000 LP damage to opponent. If incorrect, 1000 LP damage to self. He guesses correctly: he draws the magic card Card-Loan. (Judai LP: 2000). He activates Card Loan, which gives 1000 LP to opponent, and takes 1000 LP from self. (Judai LP: 3000, Taizan LP: 2000). He draws a card from his deck, which must go back to his deck in his end phase. He activates the card he just drew, Draw-bo. By this card's effect, Judai has to draw a card, which Taizan has to guess. He guesses correctly - Defusion. Because he's correct, all the cards in Judai's hand and field go back to his deck and shuffled. Direct attack with Drawer (Judai LP: 1000).

Judai: Summons Friendock in defense.

Taizan: By Miraculous Draw's effect, he guesses his next card, as Shield Crash...but it's wrong. He gets Drone instead, which he summons in attack (atk 900). (Taizan LP: 1000). He attacks Friendock with Drawer. (Note: lots of people have told me it's "Friendog," but I'm sticking with Friendock, because that is what the card says. If the animators messed up, then it should've been corrected by now, but Judai keeps saying Friendock...that's how I hear it. ^_~) Judai activates its effect to get back one E-Hero (Burstlady) and Fusion from grave to hand. Direct attack with Drone (Judai LP: 900).

Judai: Fusion summons Flame Wingman. He says the Featherman that went to the bottom of his deck, upon shuffling, has now returned to him once again. Awww! Attacks Drawer with Flame Wingman (Taizan LP: 900). Activates Flame Wingman's effect for the win.

* End Duel *

Taizan despairs, saying he still needs to study the secrets of the draw some more. But Judai tells Taizan that he's always had the luck of the draw...only, he needs to remember how fun it is to duel or to get that egg bread, and that it's not just about winning.

Next day, Taizan is back in student uniform (and BAD haircut), as he and Judai prepare to snag that day's egg bread. But too late...Asuka got to it first! And she looks really happy... ^_^;;;

Rating: Meh...skip it. The Real action starts next week!

Next Week: vs. Yugi Deck (part 1)
This should be good! Chimera and Black Magician are back in action...and the person Judai's dueling against is...YUGI??? What's going ON?? LOL!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

* Bleach 16 *

Bleach Ep 16: Abarai Renji Makes His Appearance!

The tension built up from last week explodes in today's continuation, as we learn more about Rukia's troubles with the Soul Society. This episode was full of new and intriguing plot developments (especially for those like myself, who haven't read the manga). Although not too much happens in terms of pushing the story forward, we get just enough to keep watching for more. And the two new characters will prove to be quite interesting to watch...particularly Kuchiki Byakuya, whose cold contemplation seems to be hiding something more. Certainly, I couldn't believe that he could watch his own sister being killed - even if they aren't blood related. We shall see...


The story continues with Rukia running off from Ichigo's house, as the two Reapers from Soul Society, Byakuya and Renji, silently follow her. As she runs, she remembers her memories of Ichigo, mostly...the first time he became a Soul Reaper...the time he taught her how to use a straw...it's sweet. And she remembers how earlier that day, she had spent happy times with the girls at lunch, and thinks that she never should have developed such an emotional attachment to a world she doesn't belong in. She rebukes herself... But she's so deep in thought that she doesn't sense the reapers until Renji suddenly appears before her and strikes down with his sword.


"Now give it up...who's the human who stole your powers?"

She denies that anyone, much less a human, has taken her powers. But he doesn't believe her: "You came up from Rukongai, like I did. And you were adopted by the aristocratic Kuchiki family. Hadn't you become an elite Soul Reaper? So you shouldn't look so damn HUMAN! Isn't that right...Captain Kuchiki?" She turns...and is shocked to see her brother...


Renji strikes at her again... He says it's a felony to transfer powers of a soul reaper to a human... "They were compassionate enough to let us take care of this. Now...tell us where he is...we will kill him." He slices at her again, and she's wounded. He raises his sword again...but an arrow slices past him. Ishida comes walking towards them... Ishida says he doesn't like how two armed men are attacking a harmless girl. Renji demands to know who he is. "Just a classmate," he says, "One that hates soul reapers."

(Ishida denies having raced out to the scene because he sensed soul reapers in the area. No, I came out to the 24 hour "Sunflower Sewing" store, he says. Yeah right...lol).

Renji slices through Ishida's bag from the sewing store. He demands to know who he is, again. "I already told you." "You didn't answer my question!" Ishida finally says, "Ishida Uryuu." To a surprised looking Renji, he says, "I figured, even a Soul Reaper deserves to know the name of the man who killed him." Renji looks none too happy...

Scene switches to Ichigo's bathroom, where he's still frustered about Rukia disappearing. He hears some odd noises coming from the toilet and crawls down to find that Rukia had duck taped poor Kon to the back of the toilet to keep him silent and out of the way. "Didn't you see the note she left you??" Kon demands as soon as he can speak. They find that she's left an encoded note that doesn't make any sense...until you removed all the letter "ta's" in the letter. (She left him a clue: a drawing of a racoon, or tanuki... (remove the "ta") ^_^;;;)

The note says she has to go, and that he should keep himself hidden for a while. Kon catches on right away, and starts crying up a storm: "She's in danger! She doesn't want to get us involved!!" Ichigo resolves to go save her and swings back at Kon so they can switch places. Kon, who understandably hates having a hand stuck down his throat, resists, and runs about the room... Urahara arrives just then: "Is there anything I can do for you?"

Back on the street, Ishida's in bad condition...as he's doubled over on the ground, and Renji says, "Abarai Renji...you should know the name of the man who kills you," as he raises his sword. Rukia thinks to herself that he's gotten stronger than before...she couldn't do anything. "Stop!" she screams.

Ichigo arrives just in time to save Ishida. "Kurosaki Ichigo...you should know the name of the man who kills you," he says. (How many times do they have to repeat this line? ^_^;;;) Renji is shocked to see how big Ichigo's Zanpakutou is. "So you are the one who took Rukia's powers!" They go at it, and Renji manages to slice Ichigo on the shoulder.. "Ichigo!" Rukia tries to run to him, but Ishida grabs her ankle...

"Now die, and Rukia will get her powers back...and we'll take her back to the Soul Society, where she'll die," Renji says. He stands over Ichigo and taunts him, saying a pathetic substitute like himself could never inflict even a scratch on a real soul reaper. Ichigo lashes out and cuts him on the chin. "Oops, My bad...only, you were all open just now, I couldn't resist."

Byakuya notes that this is the boy who wounded Menos Grande and sent him back to its world.

Renji laughs, saying that must mean the hollows are not so strong these days if a boy like him could wound Menos. "His sword may be big, but its spiritual powers haven't been brought to use yet." He asks him what his Zanpakutou's name is, and Ichigo looks perplexed. Renji scoffs, and runs his hand down his sword, as it transforms into a new weapon with saw-like prongs on it. "Behold, Zabimaru! Your prey is right before you!" He jumps up and strikes at Ichigo with his new deadly sword, slicing through Ichigo's shoulder. "Now, die by my hand!"

To be continued...


Sorry there's so much dialogue in this summary. What can I say, it was a dialogue heavy episode. ^_^;; But I hope you enjoyed it. Gah! I can't take these cliffhangers!

Rating: Can't wait until next week's episode!!

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Monday, January 24, 2005

* Bleach 2nd ED Theme (Full) *

Bleach 2nd ED Theme: "Thank You" by Home Made Kazoku
(Full Version!)

EDIT (Feb. 18, 2005):

Thank you to Kami5909 for corrections! But sorry, I'm still leaving in "girlfriend" as opposed to "lover"...I guess it's a matter of taste. I just never liked the sound of "lover", in any context. ^_^;;;

By the way, I have seen these lyrics posted on other sites. You know, I don't mind if you do, but please don't forget to give me credit. Much appreciated....

Here it is, as promised, the lyrics to the FULL version of the new Bleach ending theme, "Thank You" by Home Made Kazoku. Apologies if any of the lyrics are off, though I think I got most all of it. It's hard enough to catch all rap lyrics when they're in English...lol. Anyways, a shout out to Paul for getting me the file. Note on the translation: there's a part where in Japanese, it literally says "I want to hold my stomach and laugh..." which I changed to something like "throw my head back and laugh." I just thought it sounded better. It's one of those things that make sense in Japanese, but not in English. Oh, and I couldn't figure out for the life of me what they say right before "I will be there" (near the end), so I left it out. ^_^;;;

Japanese lyrics followed by my translation...


Itsumo sasaete kureru hitotachi ni
Higorono omoi wo kometa rhapsody...
Appreciation no kimochi wo todoke
Itsumo arigato, honto arigato
Tatoe doko ni itatte kimi no sonzai ni
Kansha shiteru yo

Tasogare no machi ga akaku somaru koro
Nanigenaku michi wo aruiteita
Ikikau hitono mure ga masu gogo,
Nantonaku tachidomatte mita
Potsuri to aita kokoro no sukima
Umeruyou ni ugoita keitai no manner
Kimi wa hitori ja nai, hora mina
Tagai ni sasae atteku no sa...

One day now
Mirai ga kowakute
Nayandeita boku ni mukatte
Nanimo yuwazu ni sotto
Te wo sashinobete kureru kimi ga ita
Kanashimi ga hanbun ni natta
Yorokobi wa nibai ni fukuranda
Gyaku no tachiba ni nattara
Sugusama soba made ni kaketsukeru to chikatta


Far away, far away tooku hanarete itemo
Nagareru toki no nakade
Tomo ni sugoshita hibi no kioku wa
Kesshite kieru koto wa naino sa
Nakama ya, kazoku ya koibito
Soshite deatta subete no hitobito
Arigato...mina no okage de
Mata chikarazuyoku fumidaseru

Hito wa daremo hitoridewa ikite ikeyashinai
Tagai ga tagai wo itsumo care shiai
Rikai dekinai toki wa hanashiai
Hara kakaeru gurai warai ai tai
Nanoni naze kou toki ni kenashiai
Kizu tsukiau no teki ga shinai
Baka baka shii hodo kimi ga sukida
Terekusai kedo chotto honki da


Kitto mina igai to shy de
Men to mukatte naka naka
Kuchi ni dashite inaku te
Dakedo hontou wa iitai kuse ni
Nanika ga jamashite mina tsuyogatte
Tokini wa sarake dashite tsutaeyou
Kotoba niwa fushigi na chikara ga yadoruyo
Kantan na kotosa, jubun kara mazu hajimeyou
Kitto dekiru yo

I will be there
Just forever
Kimi ga itekureta youni


[refrain x2]


To all the people who have supported me..
This heartfelt rhapsody goes out to you
To send you my feelings of appreciation
Thank you...I really thank you
Wherever you may be,
I'm grateful for you

When the town was dyed red with twilight,
I found myself casually strolling the streets
As evening comes, more people come and go,
And I stopped for a moment
My cell phone went off, as though to fill
This gap that opened up in my heart
You are not alone, for you see
We all will support one another...

One day now
When I was feeling troubled,
And frightened of the future
You were there, though you said nothing
You softly reached out your hand to me
My sadness diminished to one-half
My happiness swelled twice over
If our places were reversed,
I promise that I will come rushing to your side


Far away, far away, no matter how far you are
Within the time that flows by
The memories of the times we spent together
Will never ever disappear
To my friends, and family, and girlfriend
And all the people I've come to know
Thank you...because of you
I can step out with confidence

Nobody can go on living just on their own
We each take care of one another
And talk it over when we misunderstand each other
I wanna throw my head back and laugh together
And yet why do we sometimes insult each other
And hurt one another
I love you so much it's almost silly
It's a little embarrassing, but I really mean it


Maybe everyone's unusually shy
And face-to-face, it's so hard
To say anything
You actually wanna say something
But something gets in the way, and you play it off
On occasion we should let it all out
For in words there resides a strange power
It's so easy, I'll start it off
We can do it

I will be there
Just forever
Just like you were there for me


[refrain x2]

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

* Mai HiME 16 *

Mai HiME Ep 16: Parade

Well, this episode was definitely a change of tone from the last one...at least, until the end. But I'll get to that shortly. In all, this was a fun way to wind down after last week's seriousness, though we're still left with a lot of questions about the Searrs organization, and all the madness that came out of their little HiME hunting mission. Are they ever going to answer those questions? Or is that the end of the Searrs saga, and onto the next menace? It would be pretty unfulfilling if it was just left at that. On to the summary then:


Episode opens and everyone's back at school. Everything seems back to normal, and the kids are puzzled at how nothing really made the news, and nothing was explained (much like us ^_^;;). Except Mai hasn't come back to school, and people are wondering where she is. Tate looks worried. The HiME are looking serious too, and Mikoto's still crying and asking for her. Suddenly, she pops into the class and falls flat on her face! Everyone's happy to see her, as she explains, "See, I was a little far away..." Guess it took her a while to get back from space?

Later, Natsuki and Mai go to see Mashiro, but they are told that she's gone on a business trip... Mai had wanted to ask about the events from earlier, and the whereabouts of Alyssa and Miyu. Natsuki says she doesn't know what happened to them, "but seeing as the Searrs organization has gone underground, they're probably...." Mai asks about Akane, and Natsuki tells her she's still in no condition to give any information. Mai says, "Information? But the fighting is over, isn't it?" To which Natsuki responds, "Ended? I hope so. Either way, my own battle continues."

Meanwhile, Mashiro is being driven somewhere...Nagi is sitting across from her and says "The elders have called you? It must be busy work, being Chairman." And Mashiro says, "This is one of my duties." Nagi asks her if it's ok to leave the area in such a critical time, to which Mashiro responds that "You and I both are doing what we must." She also tells him, "It may be no use asking you, but I leave those girls in your hands." He's disappeared the next time we get a shot of the seat across from her.

Natsuki is at the facility where Akane is being kept. The doctor says she regained consciousness momentarily, but not enough to speak. She's back in a comatose state. "What do you mean to do with her?" he asks, and Natsuki says she doesn't know...only, she wants to know the truth.

Mai's walking around the school, and Mikoto, in her happiness to see her, has attached herself permanently onto Mai, piggy back style. ^_^ She bumps into Akira and Takumi, and they chat for a bit. Akira teases Takumi about how scared he was during the school take-over...it's really kinda cute. "You were all, 'I'm scared, I'm scared!!'... Takumi says, "Was NOT!" Takumi tells his sister that Reito was looking for her. She blushes and decides to avoid seeing him, as she recollects that awkward moment where they almost kissed...

Mai goes back to working at the restaurant, and people are looking at her oddly, because Mikoto still has herself attached to her. ^^ The girls from school come in for a drink, and tell Mai that Shiho's still in the hospital (ah...so she's alright afterall...of course she's not gonna go away), and Tate's been visiting her everyday. He probably feels really guilty having left her to go back to the school. Mai recalls how when she came into the classroom earlier in this episode, Tate saw her come in, but looked away. Hmmm....

Scene switches to the hospital, where Shiho is being fed by Tate. She's thrilled that he's come to see her, and says she wants them to be like this always. Tate looks a little upset. Mai walks in with flowers, and Shiho angrily draws the covers over her face. Tate gets up to face her, and Shiho reaches out from the covers to grab his arm. Mai awkwardly leaves the flowers and makes her retreat.

Midori catches up with her and the rest of the HiME, and commences to have a "meeting" of all the HiME. (Nao and Natsuki had to be brought there by force...heheh). She manages to convince all the girls to begin a HiME battle unit of sorts, so they can fight the Orphans together! The girls agree to the plan...and to celebrate, Midori takes them all to the Karaoke place! They rent out a room, and order lots of food...she says the order in which they'll perform will be determined by HiME roulette! Mai's thrilled at the prospect of karaoke, but her turn doesn't come around for a while...she looks on dejectedly as the other girls perform. Even Natsuki is forced to sing, and Midori puts a ridiculous looking outfit on her! (And by the way, Natsuki is horrible singer...Lol). Mai's turn finally comes up, and she's got a really sweet singing voice...

Meanwhile, back at the dorms, Takumi has made a huge feast for his secret ninja, as a gesture of thanks. Really, really sweet! But as he's walking up to the table with a bowl, he trips and sends all its contents onto Akira's head! Akira complains to herself as she washes off in the bathroom...but she looks at herself in the mirror and smiles. From outside, Takumi says, "Are you ok? Did you burn yourself?" He opens the door to see....she's got no shirt on, but has the bandages wrapped around her chest. He turns beet red and runs out, and Akira dashes afterhim, and tackles him to the ground. She's got her hands around his throat...

Akane looks dazed, but awake...the doctor calls Natsuki. But we don't really hear the conversation, only Natsuki's reaction: "WHAT??"

The girls come home fired up and ready to fight more Orphans, "bring them on!", when Nagi confronts them...

Scene comes back to the hospital, where Shiho tells a sleeping Tate that she loves him, and she kisses him on the cheek.

Back at the dorm, Akira (still stradling poor Takumi, who looks pretty shaken), says, "Now that you know I'm a girl...you must be..." and reaches out as her weapon materializes...

Nagi reveals what is to come for the HiME: "There are no more Orphans you need fight. Orphans were just a prelude. Your fight has only just begun. Your next target is...each other's Children!"


Ok...Nagi's really starting to freak me out now. I'm really intrigued by what he meant in those last lines... Grrr, what's going on?

Rating: Good ep, but what's gonna happen NEXT??

Next week: Lips that Lie

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

* Prince of Tennis 167 *

Well, no one left me a comment about blogging Prince of Tennis...does this mean there's no interest out there? T.T Ah, well... I guess I'll keep it up only sporadically, ie, only when I feel up to it. ^_^

This was a great episode overall, and I enjoyed seeing more interaction among the team mates as they duke it out for the regular spots on the nationals team. This episode featured Kaido and Momo's match. Since both of them are in the same block as Ryoma, the underclassmen are discussing how the loser of this match will likely lose their regular spot (because of course, Ryoma will certainly win the other available spot..) Kaido creeps up behind Ryoma in his usual manner and does that "Fshhhhhhhh" thing he always does. Lol! It cracks me up everytime he does that! He faces off with Momo and they both turn to Ryoma and tell him, "Just you wait, Ryoma!" (Ryoma: "Ya don't have to..." ^_^;;;)

The match begins, and all the regulars gather around to watch. Inui explains that out of over 40 matches, Kaido and momo are 15-15. "That does't add up," one of the kids observantly notes. Inui: "That's because the other 12 matches ended in fights. ^_^;;;" They're indeed head to head, and the match drags on... Kaido returns the ball so as to avoid Momo's dunk smash, because he's sure to lose a point if Momo is able to pull of his key move. Kaido has him running around with his own special move,the snake. The match goes into tie breaker... The two rivals remember how they've always been battling each other since coming to Seigaku... "I can't lose to this guy!" they both think.

Finally, Momo hits his key dunk smash, and much to his surprise, Kaido returns it!! ...but it's out of bounds, and Momo wins. "I've lost," Kaido says, reaching out his hand... "Heh...I don't feel like a winner. Next time, I'll beat you for real." Kaido: "Likewise." Inui and Fuji note that this was an exceptionally good match, and that the tennis team will be in good hands next year...

Meanwhile, Ryoma's dad has been in contact with some guy in New York. It's secretive whatever it is, but we find out at the end that it's got to do with the US Open. The episode ends with a reporter getting the lineup for Japanese tennis players participating in the Open...and Ryoma's name is on it.

Great episode, with lots of fun action! I loved watching Kaido kicking it up with Momo...I wanted him to win, somehow. Maybe next time. The only thing I wanna know is..how do these kids grow so much in ONE year? In the flashbacks to the year before, Momo and Kaido look 10 years old! XD
Rating: Sock 'em good!

Next week: Ryoma's Decision - Wavering Feelings, 1 hour special!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

* Yugioh GX 16 *

Yugioh GX Ep 16: King Goblin of the Dark Night

This week we had yet another 'episodic' show. Guess you could say the same about last week's tennis episode, but this one wasn't as fun. In all, I would say that this is along the lines of the Psycho Shocker episode...as in, you can totally skip it and not miss a thing. That aside, you do get to see a little bit more of how arrogant the Obelisk Blue students are, and some interaction with Ra Yellow students. But nothing really knew in terms of character development, and no further revelations on the plot. So on to the summary...


Rumor spreads around school of a giant who hunts down students from Obelisk Blue and takes their rare card upon defeating them! Obviously, this giant has some kind of vendetta against those arrogant blues...and indeed, we see from the first scene of the epsiode that his goal was to give these students an "attitude adjustment." As the giant walks away from his newest victim, a guy watches on from the trees... (I thought for a split second it looked like Manjoume, but it wasn't him, as I later found out).

Chronos is pretty upset about this whole affair, as it makes him look bad...Obelisk students losing to some unknown punk, and having their rare cards taken, to boot? Unacceptable! There upon he spots Judai, and makes him a proffer: "Drop out boy...find this mysterious duelist, and I will excuse you from having to write that report.." Judai accepts, of course...thrilled with the prospect of dueling someone strong AND getting out of writing a report.

Scene switches to the duel auditorium, where an Obelisk blue student is dueling a Ra yellow student. Blue guy has Marauding Captain (1200 atk) on the field, and has 200 LP. Yellow guy has some dino type monster on his field (1400 atk) and 300 LP. Judai and friends come in to watch, and sit behind the yellow guy. Judai thinks that yellow guy could use Earthquake from his hand to clinch the win. Yellow guy thinks he should play it safe and use Earthquake, but he gets intimidated by the taunting of the blue student, and decides to just attack without the magic card. Blue guy activates a trap card Reinforcements, adding 500 atk to his monster and winning the duel. Misawa shows up, and notes how the yellow student (Kohara) is a strong duelist, but always gets too intimidated at a real duel to play as well as he could. Judai notices there's a gleam in Kohara's eyes, and ponders to himself... Kohara storms off, and is comforted by his friend, a really giant looking guy named Ohara. Ohara is trying to be a game designer, not a duelist, Misawa explains. "He couldn't be the guy you're looking for."

Judai goes after him anyways, and challenges him to a duel, accusing him of being the mysterious duelist. "You must be mistaken," he says. But Judai doesn't look convinced...

Nighttime. Judai and friends are staking out for their target and he strikes again! The victim is the same blue student who won against Kohara earlier that afternoon. They catch up with the giant, who's wrapped in numerous layers of Obelisk blue coats. Judai challenges him to a duel, and he accepts! Judai says he'll use Hane Kuribo as his ante: "This is the card I received from the Duel King himself, Mutou Yugi!!" (Ha! To those who didn't think Judai recognized Yugi from Ep 1, you were wrong! Hehehe...)

* Duel *

??: Summons Giant Orc (2200 atk). This monster goes into defense mode after it attacks (0 def).

Judai: Summons Hane Kuribo in defense.

??: Attacks Hane Kuribo with Giant Orc. Then equips Giant Orc with the union monster card Second Goblin, which lets him keep Giant Orc in attack mode.

Judai: Fusion summons Rampart Gunner in defense. He activates its special ability: directly attack opponent while still in defense mode, and deal half its atk (1000) in damage. The coats fly off the giant from the attack, and it's revealed that the guy was Ohara afterall. Except Kohara's been feeding him what to do through a mic the whole time. "Just as I suspected," Judai says. Judai knew all along it was Kohara that was pulling the strings...

"Aren't you actually really strong?" Judai asks. But Kohara says that when he's under the pressure of a real duel, he always breaks, and can't duel as well as he'd like. Ohara is the same, he says...despite his size, he's quite timid when people make fun of him. "Those damn Obelisk Blue guys, making us look like fools!," Kohara rages. The duel continues... (Kohara: LP 3000).

Kohara: Summons King Goblin (0 atk) in attack. He special summons two Gob Goblins (500 def) in defense by discarding two warrior type monsters from his hand. He discards Dai Grepher and Big Shield Gardna. This activates King Goblin's effect, which says its atk and def are determined by the number of demon type monsters on his field x 1000. This brings its attack to 3000. He attacks Rampart Gunner with King Goblin. Then directly attacks with Giant Orc. (Judai: LP 1800). Giant Orc returns to attack mode via Second Goblin's effect.

Judai: Activates Pot of Greed. Summons Sparkman in attack mode. Equips Spark Gun to it, which lets him change a monster's position three times. He uses it to change both Gob Goblins into attack mode (500 atk) and Giant Orc into defense. Activates Warrior Returning Alive to bring back Clayman to his hand, to fusion summon Thunder Giant (so he's got at least 2 Fusions in his deck, which makes sense...). Activate Thunder Giant's ability to destroy one monster with less 2400 atk in the turn it's summoned. He destroys Giant Orc. Attacks Gob Goblin with Thunder Giant. (Kohara: LP 1100). "But my lifepoints still remain!," Kohara shouts. "Nope...this ends now!" Judai activates Defusion to summon back Clayman and Sparkman. Attack other Gob Goblin with Clayman. (Kohara: LP 800). Attack King Goblin (who now has 0 atk) with Sparkman for the win!

* End Duel *

Ohara asks Judai to forgive Kohara, and that he'd take all the blame. Judai of course, doesn't turn either of them in, and says, "Duelists duel alone, but friendship's important too." Awwwww!!!

Shou recognizes that... "Doesn't this mean we have to finish that report afterall?" And sure enough, the next day, Judai and Shou are frantically writing their reports in front of Chronos, who still doesn't believe there was no mysterious duelist afterall. "But what about all those rare cards that were taken?," he wants to know. "Dunno what you're talking about," Judai says. (Kohara and Ohara returned those cards to their owners again...FYI, one of these cards was Perfect Machine King). And the episode ends with another incomprehensible quip from Chronos: "Gaaaah!! What's going on, TARTAR SAUCE????"

Hopefully, we'll see something more interesting next week... ^_^;;;

Next week: Draw, Draw, Draw!!

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* Alton Brown! *

Well, this has absolutely nothing to do with anime, but I just had to put in an entry about this. Last night, I went to a Border Books to see a discussion / book signing by Alton Brown, host of Good Eats and commentator for the new Iron Chef America.

He's just as funny in person as he is on TV, and not as cocky as I thought he was! My brother is a huge fan, though I have to admit that before yesterday, I just thought he was slightly annoying. But he was really friendly and humble, and lots of fun to watch. ("Sure, I'm friends with the guys from Food Network...although Emeril doesn't necessarily fly commercial...") He claims he doesn't have any emotional attachment to any of his kitchen tools, despite his seeming obsession with them, and has a great aversion to PC's, saying he's been using Macs since their inception, pretty much... He got into the food business after spending 15 years in the TV industry. He said he chose to find a new path in life and go to culinary school (with the hopes of getting his own show eventually), because he got tired of directing baby diaper commercials... ^_^

He stayed for hours after the talk to sign books, and he said he would stay until everyone got their books signed! I left around 11 pm after my brother and I got his book signed and our pic taken w/ him (which I'm not posting here...lol!), and we were #319. There were people with #600 still hanging around! Who knew he was this famous??

Anyways, if you get a chance, make sure to catch his shows...they can be fun. ^_^

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

* Bleach 15 *

Bleach Episode 15: Kon's Mwa Ha Ha! Great Strategy

This episode was a lot of fun! It's mainly about Kon's big plans on finding himself a new owner - preferably a pretty girl...but there's also a little subplot regarding Rukia, and what portends to be an introduction to a new and serious problem for her, probably related to her violations of Soul Society laws. I really enjoyed this episode because you get a hint of what's to come, (and it really keeps you hooked with a cliffhanger at the end), but at the same time gives you some great down time comedy so you don't feel too dispirited at the end. An overall great intro of what's to come!


Story opens with Rukia thinking to herself in her closet...she figures that "they" must have caught on to what's really going on after yesterday's incident with the Hollow Menos, and Ichigo's great powers that sent it into retreat.

Meanwhile, an extremely irrate and feminine looking Kon very rudely awakens Ichigo. "Look at what you sister did to me!!" Apparently, Yuzu put him through the wash, then dressed him up like a girl, and glued a little flower decoration to his ear! Ichigo isn't very sympathetic. He tries to rip the flower off his ear, but it won't come off..

Ichigo pounds on the closet door to tell Rukia he's leaving for school...she opens the door, and looks a little upset about something, but quietly tells him she'll leaving for school and goes out the window. She bumps into Orihime, who cheerfully tells her all her summer plans, and invites her to join her and friends at the annual fireworks contest in August. "I'll think about it," Rukia says.

Meanwhile, Kon (with no dress now, but flower still attached) has escaped from Ichigo's room, and is quite angry at his treatment there. He tries to get himself picked up by some of girls in Ichigo's class, but he keeps getting into scrapes. ^_^;; He eventually finds his way to Urahara's store, where the runt kid there messes him up really badly. Awwww!

Ishida arrives to class really late, and has bandages all around his arms and hands. The teacher asked him what happened, and he replies, "I fell down the stairs." The class is dead silent...obviously they don't believe it. The boys from the class talk among themselves about how they saw Ishida mumbling to himself in the park by himself, and suspect that he's joined a drama club...Ichigo thanks god that his friends are too stupid to realize the truth. Lunchtime, and Ichigo invites Ishida to join him and his friends as they eat together. He grudgingly agrees, but they sit in doom and gloom at lunch, obviously still pissed at each other....hehe. Ichigo's poor friends are a bit frightened by the dark aura....

The girls catch up with Rukia, who's still looking upset (she remembers what people have told her about not being able to keep "it" secret forever). They all sit down for lunch, and the first thing one of the girls asks her is, "You like Ichigo, don't you??", causing Rukia to spit out her drink! XD But she denies having feelings for him, saying "We're just friends!" And as chatter continues among the happy group, she thinks to herself that she doesn't belong here.

The school day ends, and Ichigo bumps into Rukia and asks her whether something is wrong ("You're acting different today.") She's about to say something, when Kon runs up, tattered and torn, and crying "I wanna come baaack!!" Rukia smiles and says "Look how he's become so attached to you." They take the guy to Ishida to be fixed. Ishida refuses to help at first, but changes his mind when Ichigo taunts him about not being able to do it with his injured hands. Ishida does a fab job, and Kon is decked out in a beautiful blonde wig and lovely dress! He's obviously not very happy with the 'do...

Over at Urahara's, a mysterious talking cat arrives (Urahara calls him Yoroichi). The cat tells him "Why don't you stop pretending? You do know, don't you? They are here."

At the Kurosaki residence, Ichigo comes up to give Rukia her dinner, only to find that she's left a note and has disappeared. The episode ends with a shot of Rukia walking away from Ichigo's house with her things, as two Soul Reapers look on... One of them is Kuchiki Byakuya (as was noted in the preview at the end of Ep 14). The other is Abarai Renji, who looks at Rukia through some odd scanner equipment, and notes that she is indeed using a gigai... "Kuchiki Rukia...we've found her!"

To be continued...

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Monday, January 17, 2005

* Prince of Tennis 166 *

Prince of Tennis Ep 166: Seigaku's Specialty, Again

Well, I'm a recent fan of the long-running spo-con Prince of Tennis, so I admitedly know very little about this series and the story so far. I've read the first few books in English, and that's the extent of my knowledge. I wanted to check this out just for a little while anyways. You could say I miss hearing Kaiba Seto's voice?? Lol. I still can't get over how Inui is basically a tennis playing Kaiba... ^_^ Looking forward to hearing Tezuka Kunimitsu's voice for Kuchiki Byakuya of Bleach...

(By the way, if anyone really wants me to continue blogging Prince of Tennis, leave me a comment! Thanks!!)

I'll keep this short.


Back to business after the last too cute for words Chibi Prince of Tennis Christmas Special! XD

So the episode opens with Momo and Ryoma discussing how Captain Tezuka is once again going to participate in the Seigaku ranking tournaments for choosing starters. Momo's pretty excited by this prospect of playing against the great Tezuka. Meanwhile, Tezuka is back at the tennis club's office figuring out the blocks for the tournament. Their regular members for nationals will be determined from amongst this group. He thoughtfully writes down Ryoma's name...

Ryoma is brushing up on his skills against his father, most likely with the secret hope of facing off with Tezuka again. The next day, the player gather before the board to see that the regulars have been divided thus amongst the blocks: A block - Oishi, Kawamura; B block - Momoshiro, Kaido, Echizen; C block - Inui, Kikumaru; D block - Tezuka, Fuji. The regulars win through their first few games 6-0.

The main attraction of this episode is the match between two regulars, Oishi and Kawamura. All the regulars run off to see this match. Kawamura has never won against Oishi before. As Inui says, Oishi knows how to counter Kawamura's tactics. Kawamura wants to win because this'll be his last season playing tennis before he hangs up his racket to go into the sushi business.

End result: Kawamura finally claims victory over Oishi, using his Hadoukyuu (surge ball) with a jump shot!

The episode ends with Ryoma asking Tezuka to play him one more time before he graduates...and Tezuka promises he will step up to a rematch...

Next week: Eternal Rivals, Momoshiro v. Kaido

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Friday, January 14, 2005

* Mai HiME 15 *

Mai Hime Ep 15: The High School Girl who Soars the Heavens

Wow...this episode was really something else! Very emotional and beautiful, though I still don't know whether the story will be explained any further... I really loved the animation, which was lovely, and the music was nice as well. They featured the second song from the Shining Days single by Kuribayashi Minami called "When the Small Star Falls," when the girls go out to battle.

Alyssa and Miyu had only been used by the Searrs organization, and I really felt sorry for them, even though they seemed ruthless in the beginning. I still don't understand what they meant by bringing about the Golden Age...I hope that's explained eventually.

Now on to the summary...


The episode begins with a flashback, and the birth of the artificial lifeform, Alyssa. She is the first succesfully created Valkyrie who has materializing capabilities. There's an old man with a red ring who greets her warmly.. She then meets Miyu, who will become her guardian.

Scene switches to the present, and Nagi appears before Miyu and Alyssa as they lay resting in the library area where Nagi used to hang out (the place with the time clock on the floor). He complains about the mess they have created in his domain, and warns them that they will pay for what they have done...but does so in his usual cocky manner. He disppears into thin air, as though he was a hologram.

At the Hime underground sanctuary, Mashiro is explaining to the Hime about the Searrs Organization, and their Hime, Alyssa. That they would probably destroy the school and everyone in it if they cannot find the Hime. Natsuki asks whether Akane was a Hime, and Mashiro nods, saying, "But she has fallen.." The girls agree to take on their intruders, and to rescue the students trapped inside. Yukino summons Diana, and is running surveillance, as the rest of the girls (aside from Yukariko) go put their plan in motion. Meanwhile, Akira has been overhearing the conversation (Nagi confronts her briefly), before she goes off to inform Reito to prepare the students for the escape. (She sends him a note through the window..) Unfortunately, that's the last we see of Akira this episode. (I really like her ninja moves, and how it's all tied together with the frog Child Gennai...) They must get the students out in 6 hours, which is the time when Alyssa's Child will be within range. (Her Child is a great big satellite).

Mai and Midori take on the ships, while the rest go to fight the tanks and soldiers surrounding the school. Tate tells Shiho to escape...he is going back to the school. "Is it because you love Mai?" she asks tearfully. He can't respond... He makes his way to the school and leaves her behind.

Shiho, who has been left behind, is walking aimlessly when an Orphan attacks her...

Alyssa sees all that is going on, and says it is exactly as she planned. The Hime confront Alyssa and Miyu at the edge of a cliff. Mai flies up on Kagutsuchi and begs her to end this... Alyssa scoffs at her, saying that the Hime are wasting their powers for no good reason. That she and the Searrs organization are fighting for a cause they believe in, while the Hime believe in nothing, know nothing of what they desire. Alyssa takes the ribbon from her head and her golden locks glow...she wills her Child to strike. "Surrender to us," she demands. "No one at Fuuka will be spared."

The satellite in the sky strikes its blow... Mai soars up into the sky to meet the attack with Kagutsuchi ("I don't need a cause to believe in to fight..." she thinks, and she flashes back to all the happy faces and memories she's had at Fuuka) , and gets striken, and a large explosion ensues. We see her body fall back, blood flying. But from the massive flames, Kagutsuchi emerges, and he looks a little different...like a jet almost? And Mai is alright! Kagutsuchi and Mai soar up again, this time into space. They meet Alyssa's Child head on, and yet another explosion. Alyssa screams, and her hair stops glowing...the man with the red ring disintigates.

The Searrs Organization orders missiles to be launched at the cliff, and the Hime quickly escape. It begins to snow, and we see the ruins of what is left. Shiho is in a stretcher, and a girl is begging her to open her eyes. Tate spots this, and looks devastated.

Meanwhile, Miyu is carrying Alyssa through the woods, trying to escape. She puts her down to get her a drink of water, and the priest (I forget his name) jumps out and mortally wounds Alyssa. "She was never supposed to exist. I had orders to destroy her if she failed." Miyu kills the man, and holds up Alyssa, but it is too late... She holds Alyssa as she dies. Alyssa says, "I know I have been told all my life, I was not supposed to exist...but only you treated me like..." and she remembers happier times when they used to play in the snow together. Miyu takes the lifeless body of Alyssa and walks into the lake: "I shall be your guardian forever."

The ending credits poignantly play to "It's only the fairytale."

Mikoto is desperately calling for Mai, who hasn't returned...the other Hime look striken as Mikoto continues to call for her...the episode ends with a shot from space, and Mai's lone shoe floating along...


Ok, so I thought maybe this was the end?? But next week will definitely have another episode! And it looks like fun too! They're in a karaoke place, I think...and I think I spotted Mai. So she'll be back. So much for the Searrs organization...at least for now. According to the website preview, the Hime still have Orphans to fight...

Next week: Parade

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* Bleach 2nd ED theme *

Bleach Ending Theme 2: "Thank You!!" by Home Made Kazoku

I really like the 2nd ending theme to Bleach. It's very upbeat, and the lyrics are touching. I've moved some screencaps from Ep 14 to this post. Get the TV size version at Keiichi Anime Forever. Here's my translation of the lyrics...


Itsumo sasaete kureru hitotachi ni
Higorono omoi wo kometa rhapsody...
Appreciation no kimochi wo todoke
Itsumo arigato, honto arigato
Tatoe doko ni tatte kimi no sonzai ni
Kansha shiteru yo

Tasogare no machi ga akaku somaru koro
Nanigenaku aruiteita
Hitono mure ga masu gogo, tachidomatte mita
Potsuri to aita kokoro no sukima
Umeruyou ni ugoita keitai no manner
Kimi wa hitori ja nai, hora mina
Tagai ni sasae atteku no sa...



To the people who have supported me..
This heartfelt rhapsody goes out to you
To send you my feelings of appreciation
Thank you...I really thank you
Whereever you may be,
I'm grateful for you

When the town was dyed red with twilight,
I found myself casually strolling the streets
As evening comes, more people come and go,
And I stopped for a moment
My cell phone went off, as though to fill
This gap that opened up in my heart
You are not alone, for you see
We all will support one another...


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Thursday, January 13, 2005

* Yugioh GX 15 *

Yugioh GX Episode 15: Duel Tennis of Youth

Ah, a fun little sports episode that reminds me of the Prince of Tennis! Hehe. I really liked this episode, and Ayanokoji is a fun new character! But it turns out that Judai is a clueless guy when it comes to love. Ah, and a new hint to Manjoume's whereabouts? I'm glad they haven't forgotten about him. Since there's been mention of him in most eps since his disappearance, I'm betting my fave character's gonna have some great screen time real soon! Here's a summary of this light hearted little story...

Story opens with Judai and company playing doubles tennis for class. Judai complains about having to play tennis at a duel academy: "what's this got to do with dueling? *grumbles*" One of his shots goes astray, and almost hits Asuka, when a student jumps in between and hits the ball away from her...and this ball ends up hitting Chronos in the eye! Meanwhile, this new kid (who we later learn is the captain of the tennis club, Ayanokoji Mitsuru) is smitten by the lovely Asuka! Asuka's friends do a little research on the hottie, and say he's a 3rd year Obelisk Blue student, who's heir to the Ayanokoji Motors corporation, and his dueling skills are said to compare to Marufuji Ryou.

Meanwhile, Judai is being grilled by Chronos again, and as punishment, he has to practice with the tennis club, under the direction of Ayanokoji. Shou, Momoe and Junko go to watch. Asuka goes too, but not before being stopped by Daitokuji, who says he's got something to tell her...

At the tennis court, Asuka arrives and goes straight to Judai, much to Ayanokoji's fury. Asuka tells Judai that Daitokuji said he heard that someone spotted Manjoume...but she doesn't get to finish, because Ayanokoji interrupts them, and challenges Judai to a duel. He says only someone like himself is qualified to date Asuka, the Fairy of the Obelisk Blue. (Shou gets a nasty vision of little Obelisks with wings flying around ^_^) "The victor will become Asuka's fiancee!" he says. Judai accepts the duel, saying that's what men do when challenged!


Ayano: Plays the magic card "Service Ace", which lets him pick a card from his hand, and the opponent must guess what type of card it is. Judai guesses magic..no, trap! It turns out to be a monster card, and he is dealt 1500 LP damage (the monster card Ayano chose is removed from the game). Ayano sets a m/t card face down and ends his turn. (Judai: 2500 LP)

Judai: Summons E-Hero Featherman for direct attack. Ayano reveals trap card "Receive Ace", which lets him negate a direct attack and inflict 1500 LP damage to opponent in exchange for discarding 3 cards from his deck. Judai sets one m/t card and ends. (Judai: 1000 LP)

Ayano: Activates magic card "Smash Ace", which lets him draw one card from top of his deck, and if that card is a monster card, it deals 1000 LP damage to his opponent. He draws, and it's a monster card. (Judai: "Dang, his luck is too good!") Judai activates his trap card, "Feather Wind," which negates the effect of magic cards. (Ayano: "You are indeed a worthy rival!" *laughs histerically* Judai: "You, my rival?? That's a laugh!" *also laughs histerically*)

Judai: Fusion summons E-Hero Rampart Gunner. Direct attack with both Rampart and Featherman. (Ayano: 1000 LP)

Ayano: Activates continuous magic card "Deuce." You can activate this when both players are at 1000 LP. Each player can only attack with one monster per turn. The player who can consecutively inflict LP damage twice in a row wins the duel. He summons "Legendary Big Server" (3 stars, earth type). This monster can directly attack even if there are monsters on the field. He directly attacks Judai (LP 700, Advantage - Ayano). He then activates the second effect of this monster, which lets him acquire the magic card Service Ace into his hand, at the cost of having his opponent draw a card (Judai draws "Feather Shot") . He activates Service Ace, but this time, Judai guesses correctly. Ayano equips his monster w/ "Dekarake" (big racket) to his monster. This negates damage/destruction on equipped monster once.

Judai: Activates Defusion, and separates Rampart into Burst Lady and Clayman. He then activates the magic card Feather Shot, which lets his Featherman attack as many times as there are monsters on his field (3). He attacks Legendary Big Server twice (Advantage - Judai), then direct attacks for the win per Deuce.

* end Duel*

Ayano runs off crying, poor thing. The girls are wondering...is Judai now Asuka's fiancee? Judai makes his way toward Asuka, and they all think, "He's gonna confess his love to her!!" But instead, the kid says, "What's a fiancee???" Hehehe...

The episode ends with Ayanokoji crying at the edge of a cliff, and yelling, "I HATE DUELING!!" Awwww....!!

Next week: King Goblin of the Dark Night

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

* Bleach 14 *

Bleach Episode 14: A Back-to-Back Battle to the Death

I know, I skipped a whole bunch of episodes up until 14, but I figured I'll restart this at the latest episode, which is what most people wanna know about anyways, right? ^_^;;

Anyways, the story continues with Ichigo and Ishida's little battle. We learn a little more about Ishida's background...he's the last surviving Quincy, and as it turns out, his grandfather was a good man who had taught him not to wage war against the Soul Reapers, but to work together with them. But when the grandfather was attacked by several hollows at once, the Soul Reapers didn't come to his aid until too late. This is why Ishida hates the Soul Reapers so much. Ichigo interrupts Ishida with a swift kick to the head, saying, "You talk way too long!!" Lol. Ichigo then explains his own hatred for Hollows to Ishida...and we think they'll get along just a little bit, at least until the Hollows are defeated...when from the sky comes a hella big Hollow, which Rukia recognizes as the legendary Menos, a Hollow made from hundreds of Hollows.

Ishida realises that he can absorb Ichigo's spiritual energy by touching his sword...so he devises a plan: strapping the sword to his head! Hehe... But Ichigo grabs his sword back and deflects Menos's attack on his own....thereby unleashing his hidden powers. Menos retreats back into the sky... Ishida believes that up until now, Ichigo had been masking his own great spiritual powers, much like a water tap that had been turned off. In order to help Ichigo from being destroyed by his newly unleased powers, he helps him disperse the spiritual energy overflowing from the Zanpakutou.

Ishida saves him because he realises that he didn't hate Soul Reapers for failing to come to his grandfather's aid...rather, he had felt incredible guilt for years, having stood by and watched his grandfather's murder without putting his own life on the line to save him. Ichigo sees the distraught Ishida and thinks...he can't beat up a guy with such a sad expression.

All in all, a GREAT episode! Can't wait for the next one!

Ah, I've also added screenshots from ending, because we have a new ending theme! It's a cool and catcy hip-hop tune called "Thank you", by Homemade Kazoku (kazoku means family).

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Saturday, January 08, 2005

* Bleach 05 *

Bleach 05: Strike at the Unseen Enemy

I know, I'm a little behind on Bleach. But this was one crazy episode! A highly disturbing story about a serial killer / Hollow who like to torment his victims, even after he's died. Pretty creepy. Anyways, the main character Kurosaki Ichigo manages to kill the Hollow and send him to hell...yeesh.

For those who don't follow Bleach, you should see it! It's a great story about a 15 year old kid (Ichigo) who ends up temping as a Soul Reaper. His job is to help good spirits pass on to the other world, and to kill bad spirits (Hollows) that have lingered in this world and have become monsters.

By the way, I think Ichigo is a beautiful name! It means protector, which suits him exactly, and it's also a pun on the Japanese word for strawberry. ^_^

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Friday, January 07, 2005

* Yugioh GX 14 *

Yugioh GX 14: vs Psycho Shocker!?

Yugioh GX ep 14 was a little episodic, in that the story line seemed to come out of no where! Of course, the first thing to note is that my favorite character Manjoume Jun is out of the picture...at least, for the moment. T.T I have great hope that he'll be back before long. I still think it's quite sweet that Judai & friends went looking for him in the last episode.

So on to my review.
When the story opens, the students are on winter vacation, and Judai, Shou and Hayato are hanging out at their dorm playing DM. Daitokuji is making mochi (Japanese rice cake) over a hot grill. (They're really yummy!) One of them explodes in the cat's face! Lol!

Suddenly, a kid from Obelisk blue crashes into their room, scared out of his wits! He claims that he and his friends tried to revive the "spirit" of the Psycho Shocker by some kind of ritual...and that the monster is now out to get him. The Psycho Shocker appears behind him and grabs the boy, making off with him into the forest. Judai and buddies run after him, and come upon a clearing... Judai challenges the Psycho Shocker to a duel, to save the kids from Obelisk blue. The duel commences...

I won't go into details of the duel, since it's been discussed in forums.. see e.g. Pojo's forum.

The new cards they reveal in this episode aren't too amazing. We see mostly the same cards from Judai's eHero deck...no new monsters.

All in all, this was an OK episode. For those of you who are just sort of fans of GX, I would recommend skipping this episode, since nothing new really develops plot wise. It was kinda funny to see the rice cake exploding in Pharaoh's face though. hehe...

Next week: Duel Tennis of Youth! - looks like Judai will face off with a star tennis player who has eyes for Asuka! Stay tuned...

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* Poll Results *

Previous poll results archives

athena's notes:

Well, my first poll was completely not related to anime...but I got a fair number of votes, which is good. I love the Iron Chef! The original version is definitely better than Iron Chef America, though I do watch the latter as well. I watch a lot of Food Network...it's probably one of my favorite channels. If you've never watched the Iron Chef before...be sure to catch it - 11 pm every weekday on the Food Network. ^_~

previous poll results:

How was the Prince of Tennis finale?:

More people liked it than I expected! XD I chose the last option of course, because Atobe is just... *purrrrrrs* ♥
  1. Great! I loved it! (35.94%)
  2. It was so-so (23.96%)
  3. Atobe shower was the only redeemer (21.35%)
  4. Horrible...I hated it(18.75%)
Total: 192 votes

Favorite Yugioh gaijin:

Malik is number 1...that's to be expected. What an awesome character. I love his duel personality. But Pegasus will always be my favorite!
  1. Malik Ishtar (25.56%)
  2. Varon (18.8%)
  3. Raphael (17.29%)
  4. Pegasus J. Crawford (14.29%)
  5. Rebecca Hopkins (12.78%)
  6. Seigfried von Schoider (6.02%)
  7. Other (3.76%)
  8. Amelda (1.5%)
Total: 133 votes

Favorite GX character:

Ah...I should've taken the poll down when Manjoume was still ahead...lol. You know, I wonder why Ryou's so popular a character? I mean, I like the guy, but he's not my favorite. He's just kind of there. He's not a very interesting character compared to Manjoume. I just don't get it. I guess he looks good, and is a great duelist... and I do like his relationship with Shou. But there's something about him that that's just a little stand-offish. Dunno.. Anyway, here are the results.

Total: 144 votes

  1. Yuki Judai (27.78%)
  2. Marufuji Ryou (26.39%)
  3. Manjoume Jun (18.06%)
  4. Tenjoin Asuka (9.72%)
  5. Misawa Daichi (7.64%)
  6. Chronos / other (3.47%)
  7. Marufuji Shou (2.78%)
  8. Maeda Hayato (0.69%)
Favorite GX deck type:

Gah! My poll mysteriously disappeared! T.T Sorry about that... I don't know what happened to it. From what I remember, the top three deck types were...
  1. Cyber Dragon Deck
  2. E-Hero Deck
  3. H2O Deck
Coolest Seigaku move

  1. Triple Counters(26)
  2. Tezuka Zone (22)
  3. Acrobatic Tennis (10)
  4. Boomerang Snake (9)
  5. Twist Serve (6)
  6. Hadoukuu (4)
  7. Data Tennis (3)
  8. Dunk Smash (2)
  9. Moon Volley (2)
  10. Other (2)
Tezuka Zone came in second...why does what I vote for always come 2nd? Well, Fuji's Triple Counters ARE pretty awesome, so I'm not too surprised. Lol. Anyways, I was expecting someone to vote for "other", for Tezuka's Zero-shiki drop shot...but oh well. The voters for "other" didn't specify...

Iron Chef Battle

  1. Morimoto - 22 votes
  2. Sakai - 20 votes
  3. Kobe - 5 votes
  4. Chen - 4 votes
  5. Michiba - 2 votes

My favorite came in second, but that's ok. It was neck & neck between Morimoto & Sakai, but in the end, Iron Chef Japanese reigned supreme over the Delacroix of French Cuisine. Allez Cuisine!!

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* Name Meanings *

Archives of athena's Name Meanings

athena's notes:

I've decided to archive my name meanings feature from my sidebar just in case people wanted to see them after I've taken them down. And even if you don't...too bad! Lol... just kidding. Seriously though, I really like knowing what character names mean, because I think authors tend to put a lot of thought into naming their characters, and they often hint to personality traits, or the role the author intended for particular characters. Am I reading too far into it? I think it's just my literary side coming out. Anyways, these are all speculation and based on my own personal analyses, so read with that in mind... ^_~

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Name: Fuji Shuusuke (Syusuke)
Anime: Prince of Tennis

Contrary to first impression, Fuji is not written with the same kanji as the famous Mt. Fuji. Rather, the kanji for "Fu" means absent, or none; whereas "ji" is the kanji for the number two. Taken together, his name means "No other," or "Only one." I think this suits him very well, since he is considered a tennis prodigy, and is virtually second to none. He has also mastered the Triple Counter moves, making him a formidable opponent.

"Shuu" is the kanji for round, or to come around, and "suke" is a typical ending for a boy's name. Round things represent good luck, and in this case, probably reflects how well rounded a player and person Fuji is. I really like his name. ^_^

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Name: Kuchiki Byakuya
Anime: Bleach

This guy has an interesting name. Kuchiki literally means "rotting tree." The verb kuchiru aside from meaning to rot, can also mean to die forgotten, or unknown to the world. An odd but perhaps fitting name for a soul reaper?

Byaku is the kanji for white, and ya (which can also be read "suke") is a typical ending for a boy's name.

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Name: Marufuji Ryou
Anime: Yugioh GX

For his last name: "Maru" means round, and "fuji" is the character for wisteria (a type of vine plant). FYI, "fuji" is also the same character as "tou" for Mutou. This may be a reference to Mutou Yugi, the king of duelists...it's a nice comparison to Marufuji, the Kaiser of Duel Acadamia.

The character for his first name means brilliance (radiance) or clarity. This is likely to reflect upon his personality, which may seem elusive at first glance, but is actually quite sincere and straight-forward. I also think it has something to do with his role as a guiding light for his brother. On another interesting note, Bakura Ryou, the YGO character with the same name, uses a different character for his name. Bakura Ryou uses the character that means to end, or conclude. However, his name also has the alternative meaning similar to Marufuji Ryou - clarity and understanding.

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Name: Misawa Daichi
Anime: Yugioh GX

This guy has a very down-to-earth name. Literally. The "mi" from his last name means three, and the "sawa" refers to a large, shallow lake, or marsh. So three marshes.

His first name Daichi literally means "great earth." I think the water and earth references are a pun on his dueling style. He's got a deck for every attribute, including earth and water. Obviously, the one deck we've seen him play is the H2O deck. I also think the earth reference connects to his personality, of being very down-to-earth, and in a sense having a nurturing characteristic about him.

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Name: Oshitari Yuushi
Anime: Prince of Tennis

Oshitari has a name like a ninja. ^_^ "Oshitari" literally means "stealth feet," and it's a ninjitsu skill. "Oshi" (the kanji for "stealth") is the same character as "nin" in ninja. I wonder if this has a connection to the fact he is known as a "suspicious" guy on the court, and tends to keep his talents hidden. A ninja's primary skill, afterall, is covert (undercover) operations...

"Yuu" means to recommend, or encourage, and "shi" is the character for gentleman (or alternatively, samurai).

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Name: Manjoume Jun
Anime: Yugioh GX

It's about time I did this guy's name! Manjoume has the coolest name ever. "Jou" from his last name is an old Japanese measurement unit, equivalent to approx. 3.03 meters. But it's also the same character used for "joubu," a term meaning strong. Man means 10,000 (so manjou is 10,000 unites of jou). "Me" means eye, but in this case, it refers to the 10,000th jou. I like his name because it sounds very strong and bold.

Jun means rule or order. I just think it sounds cool. ^_^

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* Jpop Rotation *

Previous Jpop Rotations

athena's notes:

I just thought I'd keep an archive of what I've featured on my jpop rotations. I really love Japanese pop music, and it's really all I've been listening to these days! I think anime music is particularly good, and some of my favorite songs are themes from anime.

My favorite jpop artists are Hamasaki Ayumi and Gackt, but I'm always looking for new artists to listen to. I own all the CD's that I feature here (well, except for Dream Believer, which isn't out yet, obviously), and I want to share my favorite songs so my visitors can enjoy them too. If you like what you hear, do purchase their CD's...they're worth it! ^_^

Please leave a comment if you wish to have something uploaded.

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Artist: KOTOKO
Song: Re-sublimity
Kannaduki no Miko OP theme

OMG, I love this song. I could listen to this catchy beat forever!

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Artist: Buzy
Song: Venus Say
Twin Spica OP theme

Wow...I've loved this song since the first time I heard it. It's the OP theme of a very sweet little series called Twin Spica (which I still need to watch the rest of...) It's really catchy!

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Artist: MINMI
Song: Song of Four Seasons
Samurai Champloo ED theme

What can I say, the ending theme to Samurai Champloo is mellow, cool, and just plain good. Get it. You'll love it. Heh.

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Artist: Hamasaki Ayumi
Song: Dearest
Album: A Ballads

Ah, probably one of my favorite Ayu songs ever! Of course, this is also one of the Inuyasha ending themes. But I'm proud to say that I knew this song before I ever found out it was an anime theme, lol... I love Ayu! You'll find this song on many of her albums. A Ballads is very good...I'd recommend it to any Ayu fan!

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Artist: Hamasaki Ayumi
Song: Connected
Album: I am...

This is a dance-friendly song, and I love the beat! Of course, most anything by this artist I like very much. This is one song guaranteed to get you off your feet!

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Artist: Yun Son Ha
Song: Kimi no tame ni
Album: Mouichido Kiss OST

This song is from the lovely J-drama "Mouichido Kiss," a story about a young painist / composer (Ayumu), who falls in love with a Korean pop star (Reika). "Kimi no tame ni" ("For you") was the song that he composed for her in the story. This is a beautiful song...very quiet and pretty. It is performed by the Korean actress who played Reika in the story. ^_^

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Venus Wars ED theme

Ok, this song is so hard to find, I don't even know what it's called. ^_^;; It's the fast ED theme to Venus Wars, a great anime movie about motorbike racers and a war they get pulled into on their home planet Venus. Awesome song. It makes you wanna get on a motorbike yourself and go race around! Lol... Like I said, hard to find, so get it here while you can! ^_~

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Artist: bird
Song: Oasis
Album: Mind Travel

This song has a really funky, catchy beat that I really like. This is the album version, so it's the faster version. Bird doesn't seem to get as much attention as she should - she's mostly an R&B type singer, and she's really talented. Check it out!

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Artist: Amuro Namie
Song: Never End
Album: Break the rules

I've always loved Amuro Namie's voice. This is one of the first songs I really liked by her. Of course, most people probably know her theme from nuyasha, "Come." Pretty voice, yeah?

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Artist: Mazaki Shuu (?)
Song: Dream Believer (TV size)
Album release date: 3/24/05

This is the TV size version of the new Prince of Tennis OP theme! I put a question mark next to the artist's name, because I can never be certain how names are read, as they can be read in many different ways. ^_^;; Anyways, this is a great song, and I can't wait until the single is released next month!

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Artist: Hamasaki Ayumi
Song: Moments
Album: My Story

From Ayu's latest album! I have so many of her albums, but I never seem to tire of her music. This latest song I fell in love with after hearing it on the annual end-of-year shindig, Kouhaku Song Festival. It's very pretty. Let me know what you think? ^_^

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Artist: m-flo
Song: How do you like me now?
Album: Expo Expo

Fans of the new Bleach ED theme might like this j-rap song. It's pretty catchy, and I still think it's amazing how they switch back and forth from English to Japanese like it's nothing. I especially love the line, "I get around like sushi on a kaiten!"

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* Get! *

Archive of previous "gets!" and "wanna gets!"

Ever hear Japanese people use the term "getto" (get)? It means what it sounds like - to emphatically declare an acquisition. ^_^ Here's my archive of what I've featured under my sidebar's "latest get!" I don't buy too much anime stuff (as my funds aren't unlimited), but when I do, I'll post them here!


These aren't recent gets, but I figured I posted most of my manga collection before, so here's part 2. (I have a few more, but on a different shelf...maybe I'll post those later..) Anyways, on the top shelf, I have Glass Mask (41) and Georgie! (5). Both excellent shoujo manga. Glass Mask has recently started up as an anime, which I will probably be blogging off and on. Lady Georgie is another manga I grew up with, and I love it. But my favorite manga by this author is of course, Candy Candy. ^_^

On the second shelf is Touch (11), the best spo-kon manga. Ever. (Even better than Prince of Tennis, at least in terms of story line!) This is the most realistic and beautifully written manga I have ever come across. And by realistic, I mean in terms of how vividly the characters are written. Adachi Mitsuru is a true genius. I loved this story!

Ah...I didn't bother to take down the non-manga books for this picture. Yes, I do read stuff other than manga, lol. In fact, I used to be an avid reader, although I haven't had much time recently to read too much. (By the way, if you haven't read Da Vinci Code yet, you must. I read this book cover to cover in less than 2 days. I couldn't put it down!) Oh yeah, and Brazil by John Updike...also excellent. (And that Better Food for Dogs book is so I can make home-cooked meals for my Chihuahua, hehe... It's so much better to feed real food to your dog than the canned or dry stuff!)

This is most of my manga collection! What's new (since this IS my "latest get" section), are two extra shelves, which I just recently put up, and my Prince of Tennis series!

So I guess I'll list off what's here, from the top:

Top shelf:
1. Yugioh (1-38)
2. Yugioh Character Guide
3. Yugioh animanga
4. Glass Mask VCD's

2nd shelf:
1. Ranma 1/2 (1-38)
2. Ranma 1/2 - English version (1)
3. Short Program (by Adachi Mitsuru)

3rd shelf:
1. Inuyasha (1-37)
2. La Rose de Versaille (1-5)
3. Ouke no Monshou (1)

4th shelf:
1. Prince of Tennis (1-27)
2. Prince of Tennis fanbook (10.5, 20.5)
3. Prince of Tennis - English version (1-3)
4. Bleach - English version (1, 3)
5. Wolf's Rain - English version (1)
6. Suikoden - English version (1-4)

~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~

Prince of Tennis & Hello Kitty cell phone straps! I have a whole rack of things dangling from my cell phone, and I never tire of looking for more cute things to put on it! I swear my accessories are heavier than my phone! I actually got a whole batch of Prince of Tennis straps, but I just posted the pics for these few. My favorites are my chibi Atobe, Yuuta and Fuji straps, which I have dangling from the rear view mirror of my car. I love them! This Hellow Kitty strap is supposed to be from the Chinese zodiac. I'm not the year of the dog, but I thought this one was so cute (and I love dogs!) so that's why I got this one...lol...

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This Atobe plushie was a gift from a very cool person called Windy, who I know through a Prince of Tennis forum. She was offering free plushies to folks, and shipped them out for free too! I'd never known anyone on a forum that was so nice! Anyways, I was really thrilled because this Atobe plushie was exactly the same one I had my eye on from e-Bay the week Windy announced she was giving plushies away. What a happy coincidence! Much thanks to Windy...I love this plushie! ^_^

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